< Ero: Extrem Magazin 9

Released: 1999
Notes: DBM Classics 18, dual-title DVD with Secrets of Mozart
  • Reinhard
  • Rodolph Antrim as Ruud Bilux
  • Yves Baillat
Notes and Reviews

No director credits. Females: Manila May, Rosy Bolton, Juliette France, Biggy Blonde, Verona York, Steffi, Nicole Haag, uncredited girl in black wig (possibly Dru Berrymore), uncredited tattooed brunette, Ruud Bilux, Yves Baillat, Reinhard.

A magazine-style series with Manila May introducing the scenes.

Der Pascha – Ruud Bilux (AKA Rodolph Antrim) plays a kind of caliph character with blonde-wigged black girl Juliette France literally waiting on him hand and foot. He wears the full costume and looks like something from a pantomime. Rosy Bolton (AKA Svetlana & Meridian) comes in, wearing a coloured wig and dressed as a belly dancer. She’s soon sucking him off and then wriggling on his cock in her usual enthusiastic way. Anal sex for her leads on to a fisting for Juliette, combined with simultaneous anal. The girls come together to get the Pascha off, over their faces.

Congratulations – Yves Baillat, in utterly bizarre dress including hood, cap, leather jacket, and basketball shirt with his knob sticking out of a pair of patterned tights (!), arrives to present the gift of a large dildo - don’t ask! - to two women, Biggy Blonde and Verona York (also in She's Not A Lady, from the Family Blue series). One is slim and boyish, the other curly haired, bespectacled and secretly saucy under her conservative attire; both wear black stockings and are slightly older than the usual porn chicks. For some inexplicable reason, the women eagerly agree to sex with Yves: blowjobs, pussy eating, rimming and lots of surprisingly energetic sex, including anal for both women and use of the big dildo. Yves comes on the slim woman’s backside.

Aus der Privatschatulle: Steffi – A solo girl scene featuring a peeping-tom view on a private masturbation session by puppy-fat brunette Steffi. Very gentle fare indeed.

Hotel Room – A sex scene in two parts, with Reinhard being shown a hotel room by a heavily tattooed brunette in a PVC maid outfit. She shows him she’s wearing nothing more than a ring under her skirt, so he lets her suck him off and they fuck, with lots of energy and slight roughness. She has to suddenly rush off, as it seems Reinhard’s missus is arriving. A woman wearing a black and white suit and a long black wig arrives and they’re soon at it with bags of energy. The onnection here is Handy Katzen – the location is the same, I think, certainly for Manila’s scenes, the tattooed brunette is in that movie, and therefore though I am not 100%, this leads me to feel this woman, with a slim figure, super smooth skin and plenty enthusiasm for sex, including anal, looks rather like Dru Barrymore, who is in Handy Katzen too, as is the suit jacket she wears here! Reinhard’s ejaculation is imperceptible.

Rendezvous – a vintage black and white clip, seemingly from way back when, featuring an after-dinner sex session. Straight sex only, a man and a woman, in that funny speeded-up way of old movies. Historical interest or cheap padding?

Gut Behütet – Our blonde German hostess Manila May comes home with a new hat, and gets into some girl-girl fun with Nicole Haag, a slim red head. She’s also in Handy Katzen – the connections don’t stop there, as this room is the same as for a couple of Handy Katzen’s scenes and doubtless other DBM flicks besides. Manila wears a stripper-style suit with trousers that can be ripped off, and chain mail panties! Nicole simply wears a towel. Anyway, asides from Manila’s bra, most clothing is readily removed as they have a fun encounter with a lot of pussy licking leading on to more serious dildo stuffing. A dildo DP for Manila and a big, fat vibrator for Nicole.

A trailer for the next edition follows.

Gabriel Nine

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