< L'École des petites baiseuses

Released: 1976
Director: Alain Payet as Jean Pardaillan
Notes: Impex Films, 86 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • 2 slips ami-ami
  • L'École des baiseuses
Notes and Reviews

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Suzanne Gawok (originally mistaken for Myriam Benzerti) plays Suzanne and is credited as Suzanne Brismich on screen (possibly a Payet pun - brise miches meaning 'break arse') but as Suzanne Dolby on s VHS box.

Males -

  • Dominque Aveline plays Jacques
  • Cyril Val, as Alain Plumey, plays Michel
  • Carmelo Petix, orgy scene, plays Carmelo
  • Richard Lemieuvre, uncredited, orgy scene, plays Richard
  • unidentified homosexual male, plays Mario in the orgy scene

Jacques lives with his girlfriend (Liliane Lemieuvre) and her sister (Frédérique - Cathy Stewart) lives with them. The film opens with his coming home from work at night. He seems to be an airline pilot. He encounters Frédérique who is still up. He tells her to go to bed and joins his sleeping girlfriend who wakes up and starts making love to him once he is asleep. Next door, the young sister listens to what's going on and it obviously turns her on.

The next morning, while her sister is in the kitchen, Fr�d�rique joins Jacques in his bedroom and makes it clear she wants more than just family bonds. But things won't go further than a blowjob as the sister comes back and prepares herself for the day. He tells her he's got an appointment in the afternoon, but we understand he's going to see the sister who happens not to have school that day.

So they are off to a nice lover's day in Paris. The season is obviously winter, but this doesn't prevent them from making love in a park (near Le Palais de Chaillot as far as I can see).

Later his girlfriend starts another sex session in the bedroom but Fr�d�rique is watching behind the door and Jacques cuts the scene short. Too tired, he says.

The love affair between Jacques and Fr�d�rique has been going on for a few days when one night the elder sister - and soon former girlfriend - welcomes them coldly as she has now understood everything. But friends have shown up and the time is ripe for a nice cosy evening with Carmelo, Suzanne, Michel, Claire, Myriam, Mario and Richard. Carmelo starts his gay/transvestite routine which will end with him being sodomised by Mario while the others are busy. All the others? No, for Fr�d�rique seeing Jacques with Suzanne has left. After the party he realises she's gone. He then momentarily tries to find solace in Myriam's mouth but Fr�d�rique has left his life empty. He realises he shouldn't have allowed Fr�d�rique to witness the orgy.

Both start strolling in Paris to bring back memories until they see one another on a bridge behind the Cath�drale Notre-dame and fall in one another's arms.

Love is there again and... Back to bed!


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