< Entrez aussi par derrière

Released: 1979
Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy and Michel Baudricourt
Notes: La Donneuse plus additional and archive hardcore footage by Baudricourt
Alternate Titles
  • Entre aussi par derrière... title of a video release
  • Het Trillende Vlees Flemish title
  • Tremblements de chair
Notes and Reviews

Effectively this is La Donneuse, but with hardcore archive footage and new hardcore footage replacing some of the dream sequences.

Males include -

  • Jean-Marie Pallardy, non-sex, at least non-hardcore-sex
  • Jacques Insermini, non-sex
  • Bernard Musson, non-sex
  • Richard Allan (Richard Lemieuvre), added footage
  • Guy Royer, added footage
  • Jacques Gatteau, added footage
  • Dominique Aveline, added footage

Jean-Marie Pallardy is married to a woman (softcore actress). They both have dreams (day dreams too) of sexual fantasies. These are the excuse for hardcore scenes to be cut in -

Richard Allan and Guy Royer with an initially tied-up France Lomay - a dream of the wife while she is making love to Pallardy, cowgirl, clothed and on a chair.

Then Pallardy visits someone (Jacques Insermini) who seems to be a doctor or sex therapist. Insermini whispers in his secretary's ear (Siegried Cellier who is sitting just behind him). She gets up and moves behind him. Richard Allan comes into the room and she jerks him off.

Dream 2 - Brigitte Lahaie (blonde) comes down a yellow spiral staircase wearing a red dress and masturbates with a cushion.

There is a cocktail party with numerous guests and the wife seems to have a daydream and faints.

Dream 3 - Karine Gambier and Jacques Gatteau seen through a TV-shaped yellow border having sex on a bed.

Then Pallardy goes to a bar where a man is whispering in the ear of the barmaid (Willeke van Ammelrooy). Pallardy asks her out and they walk through Amsterdam and go to a restaurant or bar or night club where some sexual shenanigans are taking place, including Guy Royer having sex with Erika Cool in a cloakroom.

Dream 4 - another b/b/g session with Richard Allan, Dominique Aveline and this time Diane Dubois being the trussed-up victim.

Pallardy talks Bernard Musson. Then he goes off to tropical climes with Ammelrooy.

Dream 5 - Lahaie and Lomay g/g, then Lahaie and Lemieuvre, then Lahaie, Lomay, Richard Allan and Guy Royer.

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