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Released: c. 1998
Director: 'Zoom'
Notes: M.S.E.G.I (Goldlight), also features Rosemary Ward (bgafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Fick mein Loch, du Bengel Goldlight DVD-271.v
Notes and Reviews

The credits are largely the usual fiction; some aliases have been assigned on a 'best fit' basis:

  • Hanna Onatop
  • Madalina Ray
  • Funny Hill
  • Melanie Tree
  • Sybille Ashley
  • Danny Loft
  • Tony Meloni (Claudio Meloni)
  • Mr. Body (Rene Bar)
  • Jve Laurent (Yves Baillat)
  • Titus Vicci (T Steel)
  • Ricardo Sanchez.

There are also two unfamiliar males - one of whom should be 'Ricardo Sanchez'. The other might be Danny Loft, unless that is an alias for Danielle. At any rate, either the male or female contingent is left one alias short.

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