< Emy la minorenne dell'Hostess Club

Released: 1983
Director: Bruno Gaburro, but given as Lawrence Webber
Notes: Panam International / Les Films du Chevain, 93 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Angela e le sue amiche
  • Angela et ses amies Dir. given as Tony Say
  • Les Brigades du sexe Dir. credited to Tony Reed a later re-edit with additional scenes stolen from two other films - Le sexe à travers le monde and Nelly
  • Il Club privato
  • Hostess Club
  • Quella porcacciona di mia moglie Sweden, Trix video, Italian sound with Swedish subtitles, 96 mins.
  • Sexual Penetrations
  • Sexual penetrations for... Angela et ses amies France, poster title
  • Teenage Emanuelle West Germany, Mike Hunter, MH81
  • Tonårsbruden Emmanuelle cover title of Swedish release
  • Catherine Ringer plays Emy and also in inserted footage (from Petits trous vierges à explorer) in Fil à Film version
  • Diala Caruso uncredited, non-sex, non-nude, plays Angela, the secretary and teacher of English and male anatomy
  • Dominique Saint Claire inserted footage in Fil à Film version
  • Guia Lauri Filzi plays Marina, the headmistress
  • Mara Bronzoni plays a student, nude only
  • Marianne Aubert inserted footage in Fil à Film version
  • Marina Hedman plays Emy's mother
  • Nadine Roussial as Nadine Chatsy, plays Nella Aleardi (Alexandra in French version), one of the students
  • Sandy Samuel plays Rosy (Mandy) a friend of Emy
  • Uschi Karnat inserted footage (from Petits trous vierges à explorer) in Fil à Film version
  • XNK5831 plays Nadia, softcore performance
  • XNK5832 plays a student, nude only
  • XNK7698 plays a student (Marie in the French versions)
  • XNK7699 inserted footage in Fil à Film version
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Brunello Chiodetti plays Sandrelli, the director and lover of Marina
  • Erminio Bianchi Fasani, uncredited, plays Alberto, the president
  • Giuseppe Curia, uncredited, plays the school servant
  • Enzo Pulcrano, uncredited, plays the PE and dance teacher - and glamour photographer
  • Alfonso Gaita, uncredited, plays Rosy's lover
  • Hubert Géral in inserted footage in Fil à Film version
  • Yves Callas in inserted footage in Fil à Film version

The female cast given on the screen on the French version is: Nadine Chatsy, Catherine Ringer, Sonia Mirelli, Dolly. On the male side: Michel Bacara and Philippe Mouton. Only the First two have any relation to reality.

In fact the performers are: Catherine Ringer (Emy), Nadine Chatsy (= Nadine Roussial, Alexandra), Guia Lauri Filzi (Marina, the headmistress), Marina Hedman (Emy's mother), and several unknowns (to me at least) - beautiful ladies, obviously Italian. No mention of Sonia Mirelli because I've no idea what she looks like, but that doesn't mean she isn't in it! Brunello Chiodetti plays the role of Sandrelli the director.

Emy joins a group of charming young ladies applying at a school. The school's headmistress (G. L. Filzi) first welcomes Emy. Then she rejects her on the grounds that she is too young for the school. But she agrees after letting her undergo a medical examination. Then we enjoy a wonderful stripping scene where the six new students undress in a blue and red room. Really a beautiful scene! A man (Sandrelli) is watching them from behind a see-through mirror. Another man (with a moustache - the PE teacher) joins him and they talk about how sweet one of the girls is. The headmistress comes and forbids them to lay their hands on any of the girls while Emy is posing behind the mirror.

Emy is home with her mother. She's crying because of her being denied access to the school, although one of her mother's friends had agreed to help her.

Exercise lesson under the guidance of the moustached teacher. Turns into a dance lesson. Gee these girls ARE beautiful!

Marina (the headmistress) gives head to Sandrelli, the man who was watching the girls. They talk about the school.

Back to the dancing lesson which evolves into a soft lesbian scene.

Emy's mother is with a serious man (the "president" - Erminio Bianchi). He phones Sandrelli, who is with Alexandra (N. Chatsy), to ask him to let Emy join the school.

Both women strip in front of the men and start masturbating while the conversation goes on. Sandrelli makes love to Alexandra while the "president" takes care of Emy's mother, who obviously wants to thank him for his help! When the scene is over, Sandrelli asks Alexandra to join him in his bedroom and hints at a threesome. Alexandra is greeted by the headmistress under Sandrelli's concupiscent eyes.

The PE teacher tells the girls about photography and we are treated to another beautiful scene where the girls are posing for photos. (This director definitely knows how to use a camera and the camera is obviously in love with the girls' bodies. Catherine Ringer knows how to move her body - and us by the way!)

The school servant (Giuseppe Curia) enters a kitchen and bangs one of the girls (the slender one with long straight blonde hair, XNK7698) on the table. Supposed to be some sort of raping but the girl doesn't really fight back!

Marina (the headmistress) strips in front of her mirror then joins Sandrelli and Alexandra in bed. A threesome follows. He licks their legs and they suck him off.

Emy phones a friend, Rosy (Sandy Samuel), who has found a second-hand car for her. The girl is being taken from behind by an unknown man (Alfonso Gaita) who finally comes into her mouth.

Emy and her mother buy a music box to thank the president for his help.

Marina and Sandrelli talk about the contract about to be sent to the sponsors, and about a "private album" which we can see between the president's hands and featuring nude photos of Emy. He phones them and asks Marina to meet Emy privately...

Sex lesson at school. Emy discovers the wonders of the male body. Sandrelli has a conversation with Emy which ends up with an attempt at raping her while Marina is listening behind the door. Emy, in tears, manages to escape. Marina tries to comfort her and invites her to her room where she has her drink something in which she puts some kind of drug. Emy is soon high and Sandrelli comes into the room. He makes love with Marina while Emy masturbates in an armchair in front of them.

Emy tells her mother that the president has asked to see her and expects some kind of job from him. She meets the president who offers her some help on condition she is grateful. She gets the picture and strips for him (wow!) before they make love.


The above is based on the French version as released by Pin Up Video. Although about 15 minutes shorter than the Italian version released in Sweden, it seems to be merely shorter without other differences. Another French video exists, released by Fil à Film which is about the same length as the Pin Up version but has some of the non-sex footage replaced by inserted footage featuring Dominique Saint Claire with Brunello Chiodetti (coincidentally present in the original), Marianne Aubert and a Latin girl (XNK7699), Catherine Ringer, Uschi Karnat and Hubert Géral (from Petits trous vierges à explorer ), the Latin girl and Yves Callas (two clips).

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Film information added with help from Franco Grattarola & Andrea Napoli, Luce Rossa. La nascita e le prime fasi del cinema pornografico italiano, Roma: Ed. Iacobelli, 2014, pp. 311-312. However, this identiifes one of the 'students' as Lise Pinson, which seems wrong as the only possible candidate (XNK7698) is much too tall.

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