< Das französische Frühstück

Released: 1984
Director: Bert Haid (as Wolfgang Zerdel in Italian version)
Notes: Commerz-Film Pierre-Film, Wien (Vienna) Paris, 90 mins. (Italian DVD)
Alternate Titles
  • Confessioni Erotiche Shendene box title on DVD
  • Confessioni Erotiche Di Tre Raggazze Bene Italy, hard version
  • Fesses frenetiques et sexes de braise Dir. falsely credited to Caroline Joyce France
  • Geile Teenager alternative German Video title
  • Lolita soft version?
  • Le petit Déjeuner français translation into French of German title, under title on German version with Dutch subtitles
  • Qui veut la bite de Roger Rapeau?
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Jürgen Bigalke, non-sex, plays Trinker, the man who provokes the cat fight by trying to chat up Annabelle
  • Siggi Buchner plays Michael Coburn, the porn producer, who casts Annabelle in the starring role of Kleopatra
  • Alban Ceray plays Alexander Hohenberg, the man who marries Susanne
  • Gerhard Hartig, as Gerd Hartig, non-sex, plays the hotel porter (?)
  • Herbert Warnke plays Wirt (possibly the man who 'marries' Marianne, but if so called Peter or similar in Italian dialogue)
  • Rolf Zigan plays Rolf, the photographer
  • an unidentified male plays the motorcyclist who picks up annabelle and almost has a sex scene in a lock-up garage

There are very many male and female extras.

Apart from mentioning Christine Schwarz (Christine Black), the Italian credits are inaccurate: Susanne Tiedemann (who she?), Juditha Arlou (does not appear) and George appelt (who he?).

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