< La Fessée

Released: 1976
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes: 1 hr 24 mins, Alpha France DVD (1 hr 11 mins) with Secratariat privé and Infirmières à tout faire
Alternate Titles
  • La Fessée ou les mémoires de monsieur Léon maître-fesseur
  • Liebesrausch der Sexbesessenen West Germany, Mike Hunter
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Antoine Fontaine plays Monsieur Léon
  • Massimo del Arte
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Fred, Léon's boss at the bank and the husband of Germaine
  • Michel Carin
  • Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan plays the man in the woods getting the blowjob from Elisabeth
  • Jean-Paul Siemenec
  • Charlie Schreiner plays Marcelle's boyfriend (brief appearance)
  • Olivier Mathot plays Le directeur, the employer of Simone and Francoise

Léon reminisces about how he came earn a living by spanking females. This begins with his mother taking him out of the bath as a baby and lightly spanking his bottom - and later bathing him as a young man. (It is not clear who plays Léon as a young man. The baby is an obvious doll.) The young Léon discovers his girlfriend, Elisabeth, giving head to Richard Lemieuvre on a bench in the woods. He chases her through the woods and spanks her when he catches her - and, unlike in British spanking films, this turns to sex. The premise of the rest of the film is that recalcitrant women will become submissive and turned on after being spanked and that other women will pay him to be spanked. In each case the spanking turns to sex. The shopkeeper (XNK0291) from whom he buys his milk pays him for a spanking (and sex) and then seems to become his manager - we see a seeming fantasy sequence here as she introduces him to about a dozen nude females who prance around him. This is then reduced to five (including XNK0293 to XNK0295 plus Laurence Jarry and a brunette - 296 may be the same as 294 or 295). One of them, Martine Grimaud, is spanked, leading to a five-girl-one-man orgy. His boss at the bank pays him to spank his wife Germaine and another middle-aged man pays him to spank his slobbish daughter Marcelle. Olivier Mathot employs him to spank his two female employees and one of them (Ellen Earl) wants more the next day, but he turns her down. He gets called to a funeral in his old village and the widow turns out to be his old girlfriend, Elisabeth (XNK0298), who insists on paying him to spank her. The shopkeeper pays him to spank the woman in mauve uniform (XNK0292, but probably Marie-Christine Chireix) with whom she had an argument in the street early in the film. Finally he meets a woman (XNK0297) who arrives at his window at the bank and there is an instant mutual attraction. He daydreams of a session with her and later arrives at her place and pays her to spank him. Then there is a sort of reprise of the result of his efforts in a sequence which quickly goes through the shopkeeper spanking the traffic warden, Fred spanking Germaine, Charlie Schreiner spanking and then fucking Marcelle and so on.

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