< Les Félines

Released: 1975
Director: Daniel Daert
Notes: hard core inserts using body doubles in US release
Alternate Titles
  • The Cats UK soft version
  • The Felines US title, VCX
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Georges Gu�ret plays Patrick
  • Jacques Insermini plays Oliver
  • Stan Rol, uncredited, must be Maude's lover

Maude's husband Oliver is having an affair with Clare. Maude tries to bring his infedlities in-house as it were by inviting Florence to stay. Maude also does a bit of playing away herself. eventually Florence manages to seduce Oliver.

The hard core action seems to be inserts using body doubles, for Janine Reynaud and Nathalie Zieger anyway, apart from the porn film watched by Maude and her lover and Florence. This features Eric Edwards, Darby Lloyd Rains and at least one other female.

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