< Une Femme nommée Désir

Released: 1986
Director: Michel Berny as Michel Barny
Notes: Video Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • André Kay
  • Christophe Clark
  • Sascha Atzenbeck as Sacha Roberts
  • Hans Peter Kremser as Peter Renald
  • Günther Amann as Gunter Lord
  • Siggi Buchner as Gil Vital

There are various male and female extras, including Dominique Aveline, one of the chauffeurs driving the Cadillac.

A limousine links these scenes. "A superb Cadillac Eldorado tells her memoirs as she has been the property of rich and horny men."

This is speculation, but perhaps hired by André Kay to get off with girls in the first two scenes or he receives the car as a reward for having sex with the Melissa Braco character.

In the first scene he has sex with Mélissa Braco in a luxury flat while an older man watches from behind some plants. When the man comes out and returns André's keys, Mélissa slaps André and storms out.

In scene 2 André Kay has sex with secretary Laura Lancelot in the back of a limousine.

In scene 3 Laura Lancelot has sex with Peter Renald in his office. An middle-aged secretary walks in on them - just after the cumshot of course as in all porn.

In scene 4 Laura Lancelot is made to have sex on the dinner table by Christophe Clark.

In scene 5 Sonia Laugier (Carmen Fernandez) is pushed into an indoor pool by a tubby-ish man with curly blond hair and moustache (Gil Vital aka Siggi Buchner), then comes out and has sex with him.

In scene 6 the limousine has been hired for a photoshoot in a large studio, Sabina K has sex with the photographer (Sacha Roberts) in and on the car.

In scene 6, after the photoshoot, the driver (Gunter Lord) is cleaning the limo. He hides inside it when the photographer and Sabina return and joins in when they are half way through sex to make a threesome.

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