< Una Famiglia per Pene

Released: 1997
Director: Nicholas Moore
Notes: FM Video 105, DVD FMD 553, 90 minutes
Alternate Titles
  • At Home with Pene
  • Una Familia perversa Spain
  • Familie Immergeil Germany, EVP 10022
  • Une Famille dépravée France
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone
  • Hakan Serbes as Akan
  • Hervé Pierre Gustave as Pierre Gustave Hervé
  • Richard Lengin
  • Valentino, uncredited

Scenes in the order of appearance in the film:

Sarah Young is in bed with Pierre Gustave Hervé. She wakes him up but he leaves without doing anything. Sarah then masturbates while daydreaming/imagining a sex session with Akan (Hakan Serbes) – the two scenes are continuously intercut until their conclusions. Anal and facial.

Robert Malone calls at a house where Marita is having a bath. He stands in the doorway of the bathroom and masturbates as he watches her until he is joined by Lenka Seborova. Leaving Marita, the two go into the bedroom and start to have sex. They are soon joined by Marita. Anal for Marita, and facial for both women.

Short, non-sex scene – about 1 minute – of Kelly Trump and Sarah Young sitting on a sofa, talking.

Milly D’Abbraccio is reading a magazine when Richard Lengin and an unknown male join her. They tie her to a chair, then the two males dress in mild bondage/S&M type gear – leather hoods, straps etc. – before proceeding to have sex with Milly. Large dildos and mild whipping used on Milly. DP (using a dildo) and facial.

Another short scene where Sarah Young appears to be daydreaming again. This time it’s of a fully dressed Valentino tied to a chair, while Sarah is clothed in only a skirt/underskirt. They spend 3 minutes just kissing and touching.

Sarah Young and Pierre Gustave Hervé enjoying sex on a bed. Anal and facial.



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