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Released: c. 1983
Director: José Bénazéraf
Notes: possibly the original title was Voyage au bout du vice
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gabriel Pontello
  • a couple of other unidentified males

A Flamenco group of dancers and musicians plus another couple of extras also appear.

It is pointless to try to give a sensible blow-by-blow account as Bénazéraf shot lots of footage in Spain involving the same group of performers and chopped it up and strung bits together seemingly at random along with footage of Flamenco dancers and bullfighters. The main setting of this video is a balcony of a villa which featured, along with the Flamenco group in a couple of other videos.

Olinka doesn't do a great deal and the brief Pontello/Menard footage may be unrelated to anything else. The main point of note is Esther Allen, who should definitely be better known, appearing on the balcony dressed as a soldier and taking on two men. One of the other women (probably XNK0759) joins in. XNK0759 and XNK0760 have a g/g sequence intercut with a probably non-contemporaneous sequence on the balcony.

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