< Feu au ventre

Released: 1974
Director: Alain Nauroy
Notes: Avia Films originally
Alternate Titles
  • Helena English-dubbed version
  • Le Jardin des sévices
  • La Villa
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Yan Brian plays Frank
  • Richard Darbois
  • Francois Ghersi
  • Gilbert Labat
  • Charlie Schreiner as Charles Schreiner
  • Yves Collignon, uncredited

Helene joins her lover Raoul on the Cote d'Azur. At the villa where she expected to see him, she meets Frank who says he's going to tell Raoul of her arrival and when he's back tells her Raoul is busy witn another girl. Dissapointed, Helene falls into Frank's arms. Later on, Frank tells her that in fact Raoul is out. Helene becomes something like a slave to him and submits to all his desires for four days. In the night, the villa is raided by four hoodlums who make Helene their sexual prey. She will eventually find out that they are there on Frank's orders, and even payed by him. She runs off terrified. Frank discovers that he is in love with her and runs after her...

From a review originally published in Cine-films, January 1980, translated by Prophilo.

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