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Released: late 1970s
Notes: Tabu 118, loop, 21 minutes, see also bgafd
Notes and Reviews

In Blue Vanities 268.

Males -

  • familiar but unidentified - France Lomay's husband
  • Bernard Hug
  • Dominique Aveline
  • unidentifed male, non-sex, plays the sex shop / club owner

France Lomay is giving a blow job to her husband while he is driving their car. The resulting accident seems to make him impotent; so she hires the services of some porn performers, from a man who seems to run a sex shop or club, to act out a couple of fantasies in front of them. There is some hint of the supernatural as well. (It is difficult to be certain of the details as the dialogue is not present, just a musical overdub as with all Blue Vanities compilations.) These involve Brigitte Lahaie, a brunette (XNK0158 on bgafd), Bernard Hug and Dominique Aveline. In the first Bernard Hug is dressed as a Roman soldier and Dominique Aveline as some sort of Turkish Vizier. France Lomay joins in the second tableau and her husband then raises an erection and she rejoins him on the couch.

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