< Fanny Bravo e il Selvaggio

Released: 2002
Director: Ugo Ross
Notes: Pink'o, 105 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Fanny Bravo and the Wild Man
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Marty Romano as Martin Romano (American)
  • Gabriel Montoya
  • Luca Bazuka
  • Gio Best
  • Alper
  • Deamon

The film contains five scenes, and all except the third scene include anal. None of the women are really stunning, and the males are equally passable. The scenes are long but so-so in the heat department. Pink'o made a decision to shoot in English, probably for export reasons, but none of the women really handle their lines well. The scenes are all disconnected and have nothing in common, and the film is basically "all sex". The scenes are all shot indoors and lighting and camera positioning are good but nothing outstanding. Direction is weak.

Fanny Bravo, who is on the box cover and in the movie title, is seen only in one scene with Marty Romano who tries to portray himself as a "wild man", grunting and moaning to little effect.

Scene breakdown:

  1. Fanny Bravo, Marty Romano - on a couch (anal, cum shot over breasts and chin).
  2. Angelika Wild, nude dancing in a nightclub, then she joins two males (one is Gabriel Montoya) on a large bright red couch (anal, DP, facial from second male).
  3. Monika Brachocka (dressed in black, unbilled) on a blue flowered couch, with the same second male from scene 2 (facial).
  4. Asia Blondi (blonde with medium fake books) in an office setting (looks like part of a night club), trying to seduce and fuck a male employee on a desk. She has much difficulty in speaking the few words of English dialogue (anal, facial).
  5. Sissi (slim, dirt blonde, small breasts; she has lots of large tattoos: over her left breast, left and right arm, along left and right thigh, middle of upper back) is a photographer who is shooting some pics of two male models on a couch, and she soon joins them there for some sex (anal, DP, one male cums on her anus, the second male jerks off in her open mouth).


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