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Released: 1995
Director: Moli
Notes: Magma
Alternate Titles
  • Hombres objeto Spain
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Gerry Pike
  • Alberto Rey
  • Peter Elsen
  • Santino Lee


  1. Elisabeth, guy (anal, facial)
  2. Georgina, Pike (dp, facial)
  3. Susanna (DP), Olga (BJ), Beatrix (bbg), Rey, Pike, Lee (in a nightclub)
  4. Olga (anal), Tina, Rey, Pike, Lee (in a limo)
  5. familiar-looking short-haired brunette, Cristina, Eniko, Holly, Rey, Pike, Lee (in the dressing room)
  6. brunette from sc. 5, Rey (anal)
  7. Cristina, Pike (on stage, in front of a crowd of spectators)


Several non-sex females appear at intervals throughout the film; amongst which are Tina [28] and Beata Smorjai.

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