< Femmes entre hommes

Released: 1981
Director: Alain Nauroy as Lino Ayranu
Alternate Titles
  • Call Girls Titullation Germany, UVG title
  • Frauen im Sexhunger on Mike Hunter Megastars 7 DVD and on Ich will Immer! DVD
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Pjotr Stanislas
  • André Kay
  • Alain Alves
  • Jean-Pierre Beccacci as J. Pierre Beccacci

A prostitute (Brigitte Verbeq) is visited by an old friend (Piotr Stanislas) and they spend a cosy and loving evening together. Outside her flat are two mobsters (unknown man possibly J. Pierre Baccacci, and Dominique St. Clair) discussing that she (Verbecq) is apparently trying to leave their organisation and they suspect him (Stanislas) to be a pimp trying to lure her away. Getting increasingly irate about the matter they decide to burst in and kill him off. However, in the attempt they kill her instead while he manages to escape, with a stolen BMW. (The owner of that car, André Kay, is at the time occupied with banging Elisabeth Buré.)

Stanislas manages to get some distance between himself and the mobsters, and eventually hides out on a farm that is run by three women (Delage, Roussial, and Veruska). Explaining his predicament to one of them (Delage), he is granted first refuge and later a little bit more. Inevitably the other women find out about his presence in due course and demand their share of his attention. Eventually the mobsters manage to find his hiding place, and it comes to a showdown.


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