< Fesses vierges à l'essai aux Caraïbes

Released: 1986
Director: Pierre Unia
Alternate Titles
  • Brividi caldi sulle labbra di mia moglie
  • Gros culs vierges à défoncer re-issue title
  • Katze zucht Kater West Germany
  • Maniers d'amour stolen title?
Notes and Reviews

The credits at the front of the Italian video say Brividi caldi sulle labbra di mia moglie (Maniers d'amour), Marie-Pierre Barathon, Francoise Blanchard, Christian Grouard, Chantal Conin, dir. Pierre Unia. These are stolen from another Unia film - a softcore collection of vignettes presented by Blanchard.

Males -

  • Ghislain Garet
  • Eric Dray
  • Franck Balard
  • Jacky Arnal
  • the husband of Chantal Trobert
  • couple of other males
  • the sheikh (non-sex)

Stolen footage -

  • Marilyn Jess - footage stolen from Vacances � Ibiza (I think)
  • Pjotr Stanislas ditto
  • brunette ditto
  • Eva Kleber - (possibly) also in stolen footage
  • male with Eva Kleber

Ghislain Garet seems to be married to a blonde (Laetitia Thomas). They are apart, phoning each other and dreaming about each other and certain events, with flashbacks to them having sex. It is difficult to separate dreams from what is supposed to be real. In a dream Garet and his blonde partner drive off to the beach in their jeep. There is a yacht in the bay and here some stolen footage of Marilyn Jess having sex with Pjotr Stanislas on a yacht is inserted, as well as a girl who could well be Eva Kleber being taken vigorously from behind. Garet and wife swim out to the yacht. They had been followed by Chantal Trobert on her motorbike and she watches their activities through her binoculars. Garet tries to have anal sex, but the blonde objects and swims back to shore. She drives off in the jeep, leaving Garet stranded. The motorcyclist takes the opportunity to give him a lift. She drives him back to her place and they have sex. Then her husband arrives and she makes Garet hide in the closet. The husband finds him and shoots him in the stomach with a harpoon. Garet wakes from his nightmare.

After a sequence where a probably topless girl is talking to a man from the hatch of a boat, the relevance of which is unclear, the blonde flies home to Garet, but meanwhile he has arranged a party in honour of a sheikh and his wife (Mina Houghe). Also present are Eric Dray, Franck Balard, Jacky Arnal, Chantal Trobert and her husband, Amanda Shell in a see-through black body stocking, Michelle Davy, a brunette (Marie-France) and a redhead (Caroline Houtart). The sheikh gets drunk, the party turns into an orgy and Garet seduces the sheikh's wife. she is reluctant at first, but after watching some of the goings on in other rooms, such as Michelle Davy taking a DP while Amanda Shell watches and masturbates, she succumbs, even to anal. The brunette and the redhead also have a foursome with Jacky Arnal and another man (Garet?).

The blonde wife arrives, catches Garet in flagrante and goes off to weep on the couch in another room. Chantal Trobert comes in to console her and then Garet arrives, makes up and there is a threesome. Then everyone jumps in the pool. Garet and blonde get out and run down to the beach to make love in the sand.

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