< French érection

Released: 1975
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Notes: written by Lucien Hustaix, 1 hr 19 mis.
Alternate Titles
  • French Erection
Notes and Reviews

Credited males, many in non-sex roles -

  • Jacques Couderc
  • Gilbert Servien
  • Jean Tolzac
  • Jacques Carsi
  • Olivier Mathot
  • Bernard Hug
  • Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan
  • Carmelo Petix
  • Christian Rochat
  • Guy Royer
  • Rudy Lenoir
  • Jean-Pierre Merle
  • Alban Ceray
  • Yves Lesecherve
  • Jack Bernard
  • Aimé Theo
  • Guy Bonnafoux

Jacques Couderc and Gilbert Servien play two madcaps (Napoleon and his faithful soldier) who escape from the madhouse. Their first encounter is with a lady who demands too much from her chauffeur. They drive away with the lady and are followed by the police who meet a young woman who complains of being raped by a satyr (Carmélo Pétix). He is seen busy with Françoise Maillot, dressed as Little-Red-Riding-Hood, but soon replaced by a lovely young brunette and later the now-chauffeur-less lady.

Richard Lemieuvre and his wife Liliane want to spend some time in a hotel but it is closed. The two bankrupted owners are desperate and about to commit suicide when the two madcaps turn up and tell them they can help with the money. The staff are recalled and the club reopens. The Lemieuvres come back and enjoy themselves now that the doors are open again. When the police get there they come across an ongoing orgy, strangely overlooked by the madcaps.

Then Jacques Couderc encounters Richard Lemieuvre dressed as a nun, knocks him down and realises he is a runaway boss who has absconded with 200 million francs - just enough to pay the hotel owners' debts. The knocked-down boss is put back on his knees by Christine Chanoine and soon joined by Françoise Maillot. The money is used to buy back the club's furniture at the auction and eventually the two madcaps own the hotel and the former owners end up at the madhouse.


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