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Released: 1970s
Notes: loop included on Diamant Collection, Trio Anal, 20 minutes
Notes and Reviews

Marie-Christine plays a young girl who arrives at home together with her sister (or girlfriend?). Once arrived they immediately start licking and caressing each other's clits. They are spied on by the butler(?) who gets a blowjob from the black busty chambermaid. They continue fucking in the bath-room until he jerks off between her ass cheeks.

The black girl then joins the two girls. She starts fondling Marie-Christine's clit with her huge boobs. Then she slips her finger into her asshole and licks her clit. Marie-Christine urinates into a flower pot.

In the bedroom the host and his wife have a threesome with the chambermaid. She's being licked by the wife while he fondles her boobs. The two women continue licking his dick together until he cums over the maid's huge tits.

Another guy arrives and the threesome turns into a foursome with some pussy licking. The black maid takes a nice cowgirl ride while licking her own boobs.

Meanwhile the driver finds the two young girls on the stairs. They blow him and he does some pussy licking. One girl carefully lowers her asshole onto his cock. Marie-Christine then jerks him off and her eye is hit by a squirt.



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