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Released: 1980
Director: Pierre B. Reinhard
Alternate Titles
  • French Erections
  • Tendre Junnifer
  • Les Vicieuses petites Anglaises Dir. Pierre B. Reinhard as Tony Reed video title, 60 mins
Notes and Reviews

Female credited cast: Laura Clair (Juliette), Jennifer, Amanda Pactole. We can also see Cathy Stewart in the opening scene, and Lucie Doll in the foursome. A nice blonde plays Sabine and there's also a brunette met in a Disco whom I don't know. Which one is Amanda Pactole?

[Amanda Pactole is assumed to be the blonde who plays Sabine from the prominence of her role and the fact she is credited. The brunette (XNK1231) looks very like Karine [2], from certain angles, but the date seems too late. Alec.]

Males -

  • Hubert Géral plays Marcel
  • Thierry de Brem plays François?
  • a blond man who appears on scene 2 (Sabine's lover)

The film opens on Cathy Stewart sucking a man (Thierry de Brem) who gets a phone call offering him a job in a seaside town. Blonde (Sabine) makes love with her lover. They hear noise next door. It's a new lodger. She goes to his room (in nightgown !) to welcome him. Marcel fetches English girl (Jennifer) at the station and takes her home. She meets his wife Juliette. Jennifer has a shower then joins the couple for a drink.

François meets Sabine who invites him to the restaurant on the evening. They make love (after restaurant?) in a hotel room. Jennifer cleans the windows (close shot on her knickers , by the way). Her boss (Juliette ) tells her about a Discotheque. François and Sabine go to the disco. So does Jennifer. François meets a brunette who suggets driving him home. They stop (on the way?) in the lavatory for a quickie which he ends by coming on her buttocks (sorry ladies, this is this type of love story !). Then we can see Juliette and Marcel make love. (Oh Laura Clair's mouth! Just too bad the camera is so uninventive!)

Jennifer comes into the café where François works as a barman. She plays pinball under his devouring eyes. Lucie Doll sucks Sabine's lover in scene 2. The camera moves backwards and we can see Sabine lying next to them. Knock at the door. Sabine lets François in and they are on to a foursome.

Juliette and Jennifer talk together. Juliette tells about her poor sexual life with Marcel who has become distant. Both women priaise the other for her beauty. Friendly kiss on the lips. We find them upstairs. Lesbian scene.

Back to the discotheque. Jennifer dances with François. They kiss. They are obviously in love! Marcel sitting next to Jennifer on a sofa. Tells her he feels like making love to her. She doesn't say no. He calls his wife to help Jennifer relax. Juliette joins in. Threesome. Jennifer enters the café crying. She tells François about her sad and sexually-exploited situation (didn't really look like disliking what her boss and his wife were doing to her in the previous scene!). He tries to cheer her up but she runs off. He catches up with her on the beach. They kiss, two shadows on clear sky. Jennifer and François in bed making love. And what better way to express one's true feelings than coming into one's partner's mouth!

Comment: Jennifer is supposed to be the English one though there's no trace of accent in her words! Why those 's' in the title ? All the men seem to enjoy coming on their partner's buttocks, belly, mouth, or in their hand. Sorry girls, but I agree with you... This, definitely lacks romanticism! As for the cameraman, Lord have mercy on his lack of invention! Why couldn't I be a director?!


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