< Follia erotica di una diciottenne

Released: 1982
Director: Raniero di Giovanbattista as Jonas Reiner
Notes: Italy, c. 85 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Follia erotica
  • Lisa - Sexträume einer 18jährigen West Germany, Auriga video
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Giuseppe Curia, as Pino Curia, plays Paolo, Lise's father
  • Alfonso Gaita, plays the cousin of a schoolmate of Lise
  • Uncredited (Italian) male, plays the mother's masseur

Plot Summary -

In a psychiatric clinic, Lise is relating her story, one of an 18-year-old girl sexually obsessed with her father. The narration is based on her recollections of the several sexual adventures of her father, a great womanizer, with her mother, his mistress (in a scene involving anal sex) and even both of them, as well as of her mother with a masseur. In a fantasy, she finally succeeds in having sex with him. Despite her efforts to let go (including losing her virginity to a cousin of her schoolmate and best friend and falling in love with a black guy, whom her father rejects for straightforward racist reasons), she decides to take advantage of her father's attraction to women by seducing him after disguising herself as a prostitute. She jerks him off in the dark, but eventually is unmasked. The appalled father leaves in a hurry and is killed soon afterwards in a tragic car accident. In a state of shock, Lise goes insane, ending up in an asylum. Overall, a very interesting attempt to deal with the subject of father/daughter incest.


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