< Giochi bestiali in famiglia

Released: 1990
Director: Mario Bianchi (as David Bird in some versions, Martin White in others)
Notes: FM Video, FMD 144.
Alternate Titles
  • Family Bestial Games
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Rocco Siffredi
  • Marco Toto
  • Roberto Malone
  • Christophe Clark as Christoph Clarck
  • Walter Carrera
  • Giuliano Rosati, uncredited
  • Massimo Lotti, uncredited
  • and one other

Scenes (from the DVD version, which is shorter than the original video and ends abruptly at 77'40"):

  1. Baby Pozzi (anal)
  2. Baby (b/g)
  3. Pomodoro (mast.)
  4. Eva (b/g)
  5. Eva (b/g)
  6. Eva (b/g), Baby (BJ)
  7. Pomodoro (b/g), Eva (DP), Baby (anal bbg), Sandrine (anal), Ida (b/g), unknown busty ash-blonde (b/g)
  8. Pomodoro, Eva, Baby- les, cut mid-scene

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