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Released: 1981
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Alternate Titles
  • Bekenntnisse einer Unersättlichen West Germany, UVG
  • Besessen und unersättlich West Germany, UVG
  • Heisse Versuchung West Germany, Relax Video
  • Stimolazioni Italy
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Hervé Lhomme plays Bertrand (looks like Jacques Gateau to me, are they the same?)
  • Hubert Géral plays Le voyeur
  • André Kay
  • Alban Ceray

It seems as if Elodie Delage (Anna) visits Bertrand in his cellar flat (maybe to propose he publish her diary?). He introduces her to his wife Patricia (Céline). She leaves but has to come back as she dropped something and discovers them in sex action. She watches for a while.

Back home she is spied on by Hubert Geral in the oppisite flat. they masturbate at each other.

She visits Mika Barthel - g/g with long rubber double-ender.

She and the voyeur masturbate at each other again.

She phones Bertrand who is getting a bj from Céline during the conversation.

She is visited by Alban Ceray and Laura Clair. They put on a show for the voyeur involving Laura Clair wearing a clear plastic mac.

Elodie and Céline have a g/g session.

Alban visits Elodie again and gets a bj, he beckons the voyeur to come over and they have a threesome.

Céline visits and she and Elodie put on a show for the voyeur.

Elodie and Céline visit Mika together - g/g/g.

We then see Elodie and Céline in the bath together.

Then Céline and hubby in bath - facial.

Elodie and the voyeur have sex. Elisabeth Buré and André Kay arrive. they have a foursome.

Elodie and the voyeur visit Mika for a threesome.

Elodie visits Bertrand to show him her notes/diary/drawing whatever, and sex ensues.

At Mika's Céline is blindfolded in presence of the voyeur. Elodie and Bertrand arrive and there is a fivesome.

God knows what it's all about.

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