< Gasthaus der scharfen Bienen

Released: 1981
Director: Alois Brummer
Notes: UVG Video
Alternate Titles
  • Gasthaus der flotten Bienen
  • Kursaison im Dirndlhöschen soft version
  • Lederhosenzauber hard version, alternative title
  • Tiroler blondjes op het liefdespad Netherlands, soft version
Notes and Reviews

Anton Lechner is the mayor of the small and peaceful Bavarian village Waldbrunn. Apart from failed plans to sell the seedy railway station to a group of investors everything seems to be all right. One day he gets a letter from the head of the district authority, Dr. Schröder, who plans to suburbanize Waldbrunn because of its debts. During his visit he gets captivated by the soft brown eyes of Bärbel (Dorle Buchner - Lechner's daughter). While they have sex in his hotel room Lechner tries to get money from the local cooperative bank, but the nightly tunnel excavation fails and damages his own guest-house.

Next day Bärbel leaves the village to take employment as a nanny. When she spies on her new employers at night they turn out to be Mr. and Mrs. Schröder and after a sharp dispute she leaves immediately.

Dr. Schröder returns to the village. Thinking only of his own profit he makes Lechner another suggestion: A company from Hamburg is looking for an attractive building ground, which unfortunately belongs to Michael, Bärbel's boyfriend. So Lechner puts pressure on him to sell his farm.

Next a delegation travels to Hamburg where they get to see a model of a brand-new atomic power plant for Waldbrunn. But the demonstration totally fails as the model explodes and catches fire.

Compared to other lame films of this genre Gasthaus der flotten Bienen offers a surprising variety of hot sex scenes performed by good-looking and willing girls. Pretty Dorle Buchner has tremendous looks and is definitely eye candy, even by today's standards. Her titfucking scene with Dr. Schröder is the standout scene.

Scene by scene:

1. Anna (Lechner's maid) meets Flori(an), the mayor's son, in the barn. She start running her lips up and down the full length of his huge shaft before she goes down on him for a reverse cowgirl ride. They change to missionary until he cums between her spread legs. She leans forward to lick the sperm from the tip of his cock. A good start with a nice scene!

2. Pretty Rosl (Flori's girlfriend) has a hot masturbation scene on her bed, using a hairbrush.

3. Bärbel meets Michael. She unzips his fly and spreads her legs. While she fingers her pussy she blows and jerks him off close to her face with cum covering her thumb. Hot scene!

4. Anna meets Flori in the cellar. The experienced cocksucker burrows her head into his lap again and makes him cum on her lips.

5. Bärbel meets Dr. Schröder. During some passionate kissing his hand slips into her panties to fondle her firm buttocks. She then undresses and shows off her sexy white lingerie. Next she polishes his knob. They change to a very short cowgirl scene before she jerks him off on his stomach.

6. They continue missionary style. The scene kicks into high gear when he places his cock between her breasts. He leaves her cleavage drenched in cum and she sucks him dry. Another great scene, definitely one of my favourites!

7. A busty blonde jerks and sucks a chimney-sweep through an open window until her hands and tits are drenched with his load - short but inventive!

8. Mr. and Mrs. Schröder do some 69. She gets banged reverse cowgirl style and sucks him off. An ok scene overall.

9. Rosl runs her greedy tongue slowly down Michael's body until his cock fills her mouth. She's watched by the postman through the open window. She notices him but continues with a beautiful smile on her face. She then lowers her cute body on the guy's cock for a cowgirl ride and finishes him off with her hands close to her face. Another solid scene!

If you are into the Bavarian stuff this one should be very high on your list!


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