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Released: c. 1978
Notes: West Germany, put together from Onyx loops including Glühende Haut, Nymphenreigen and Halali auf heisse Hühner, features Serena (see iafd)
Alternate Titles
  • Chaudes Baléares France
Notes and Reviews

Frank works in an office with his secretary, Miss Meyer. One day he notices somebody lying on his car (it's winter) and discovers it is a girl who has been thrown out by her lover. He takes her to his place to warm her and puts her in the bathtub. His lover (Serena) comes in and immedately hits it off with the girl. They are soon joined by Frank and the three of them end up on the sofa.

Later the rescued girl turns up at Frank's office and teases him. Once again they move to the sofa and are soon joined by the secretary who had been listening to them and masturbating behind the door.

Frank gets a phonecall from his friend Paul and they both go hunting. Frank shoots at what he thinks to be some animal and which turns out to be a girl named Brigitte. She takes the two men to a virgin friend of hers, Maya, who in a few minutes loses her virginity after pretending she didn't want to. (Notice her quick glance at the camera at the end of the scene. Debutante?)

Frank is tired and is invited by his friend Mira who lives in Palma de Mallorca. They meet there and are soon invited on board a boat by its captain who introduces them to Bobby, his crewman. In fact Bobby is a girl who pretended to be a boy in order to be allowed to work on the ship, and Mira and her become friends immediately. Frank discovers the situation and introduces the real Bobby to the captain who doesn't believe his eyes.

Frank, Mira and the girl-formerly-known-as Bobby leave the boat and go to a villa. They have a little session in the huge bathroom and "Bobby" leaves.

Frank and Mira's attention is drawn towards the room nextdoor where another girl is masturbating with a banana. A very friendly girl indeed who soon takes care of Frank's never-tired organ. Some more fun for him and his two partners. (That director must have had a mind set on threesomes, but who would blame him for it and by the way, whose villa is it?). Anyway, that curly-haired girl nextdoor sure knows how to handle a thing when she sees/seizes one!

A photographer is shooting two models (Millie and Zouzou) as Frank and Mira are watching from the balcony. She invites them in for a drink. (It may well be her villa then). Frank greets them (his villa?) and immediately starts working on the two models on the sofa while Mira takes care of the photographer. Eventually, he comes watching the two girls together. (Gee that photographer's job must be something!)

Back on board the boat. The photographer is busy shooting the two girls again, but they'd rather do something more intimate and the poor boy finds himself once again between his model's legs. In the background, Frank and Mira are also back to their favourite occupation.

The film ends with the captain and the former-Bobby girl laughing at his aphorisms - though they are not too witty!

That's how things were back in 1978 on a boat called Sea Gypsy, somewhere near Palma de Mallorca.

Nice natural girls, sunshine and a cosy villa. Life can sure be tough ...


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