< Gräsänkor på skandalsemester

Released: 1978
Director: Andrei Feher as Andrew Whyte
Notes: Scandinavian Art Films, 75 mins. (France, 1978) 95 mins. (Swedish version, 1980)
Alternate Titles
  • Crazy Sex Vacation in Paris
  • Crazy Swedish Holidays in Paris USA
  • Deux suédoises à Paris 1980 France
  • Gräsänkor på semester
  • Schwedenmädels in Paris West Germany, VFL, 75 mins.
  • Cathy Stewart as Cathy Kristiansson, plays Marilyn, in disco orgy scene
  • Cristel Lauris as ? plays the best friend of the Princess
  • Dominique Saint Claire as Barbi Andersson, plays Barbro
  • France Lomay as Birgitta Svensson, plays Baronness Matilda in the masked ball
  • Ingrid Josephson plays princess Chabrol
  • Jenny Feeling as Agneta Charvey, plays Dolores one of the 'replacement' girlfriends back in Stockholm
  • Marie Bergman plays Ulla
  • Monique Carrère as Nadia Mercier, plays Conchita (Conquita in credits)
  • Nicole Velna as Nicole Cooper, plays Diana, in disco orgy scene
  • Samantha as Patty Ekman, plays Duchess Luiza, in the masked ball
  • XNK1430 plays Anita (? if so as Suzanne Carlson), one of the 'replacement' girlfriends back in Stockholm
  • XNK1434 possibly meant to be the same character as ex-XNK1432 (Cristel Lauris) but looks different
Notes and Reviews

A best guess has been made as to roles and aliases by combining a reading of the credits with listening to the dialogue, though many of the names in the credits are inventions. However, many character names are not spoken in the dialogue. Where they are (German version) they sometimes vary from the credits, and some characters listed in the credits may not appear in the German video. This best guess differs from that made in Le Dictionnaire.

Male cast includes -

  • Daniel Trabet plays Robert
  • Gabriel Pontello plays Pierre
  • Cyril Val, as Allen Plumer, plays a police detective, Inspector Leclerc
  • Jack Gatteau plays an aristocrat, Prince Alfons (or Alfri...?)
  • Guy Royer, plays the sex champion Aristotel
  • Bernard Hug, as ?, plays one of the men who picks up Ulla and Barbro after they pose for a street artist
  • Joël Charvier. as ?, plays one of the men who picks up Ulla and Barbro after they pose for a street artist
  • Jean-Louis Vattier, perhaps as Paul Jansson, plays one of the guests at Prince Alfons's party - possibly General Charles, possibly referred to as the Duke of Wellington in the dialogue.
  • Dominique Irissou in the disco orgy
  • Raymond Ximay plays one of the men in the disco
  • Carmelo Petix is credited as playing 'Florence' and may appear in the version viewed in drag, at Prince Alfons's party, non-sex in this version if so
  • René Douglas, not so credited, perhaps uncredited, non-sex, plays the minister
  • Albert Lerner, not so credited, non-sex, plays a robbed tourist
  • the two men who play the boyfriends in Stockholm (one is familiar) are Evert played by Lennart Wenström (as per credits) and Jan-Olaf played by Björn Martinsson (credits)

Other credits (some may not appear in German version) -

  • Paul Jansson plays General Charles
  • Johan Petersson plays Clive
  • Carlo Sartorio plays Ettore
  • Sven Molin plays Fabricio
  • Paul Henderson plays John
  • Peter Reuterhal plays Peter
  • Ulf Höglund plays Rodriguez, presumably one of the toreadors, non-sex
  • Anders Carlson plays Carlos, presumably one of the toreadors, non-sex
  • Tape Drukman plays the policeman who ushers the vistims into Leclerc's office
  • Olex Tomasevsky plays Jean-Marie

Ulla and Barbro have come to Paris without their boyfriends (husbands?). They are robbed of their money by two playboys they had met in the street - Robert and Pierre. They get their revenge on two British tourists, some men in a discotheque, two torreros, a rich Greek macho, two Italians, a couple of lesbian "bourgeoises", and participate in a high-class orgy. They finally come across the two initial playboys and pay them back. The boyfriends back in Stockholm are not celibate meanwhile.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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