< Ein guter Hahn wird selten fett

Released: 1976
Director: Johnny Wyder
Alternate Titles
  • All Around Service USA
  • Close Encounters of a Handyman UK
  • Fack Around the Clock mis-spelled opening credits on video of hard version
  • Fuck Around the Clock 1978 hard version, Tabu-Diamant 6907/BBB-Film
Notes and Reviews

Males -

Frank & Fred used to run a cleaning business which took special care of those little needs of lonely German housewives. Now though (at the beginning of the movie) Fred is a kept man, and has to do nothing but keep wealthy Vicky sexually satisfied, while his replacement in the cleaning business, gay Little Joe, unsurprisingly proves inadequate support for our Frank.

When Vicky has enough of Fred, he rejoins his old partner and soon they are back with their little side-jobs, servicing a large housing estate.

By coincidence Vicky is given an enthusiastic report about the services Fred & Frank delivered to one of Vicky's wealthy friends; this makes Vicky rethink her priorities and contact Fred again. Soon she discovers the true nature of their business venture and together with Fred's unsuspecting girlfriend Nana she hatches a plan that should restrict the men's efforts to their girlfriends.


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