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Released: 2000
Director: Silvio Bandinelli
Alternate Titles
  • Petite baise en famille
  • Petites douceurs en famille Colmax, 80 mins
  • Schmutzige Erbschaft DVD Goldlight, German, Italian
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • David Perry plays Orazio
  • Bruno Sx plays Philibert
  • Alberto Rey
  • Zenza Raggi plays Inspector Salvini

Review based on the French-language version (Colmax).

Establishing shots: Orazio's mother is being buried. After the funeral services, Orazio overhears his uncle Philibert and aunt (Ursula Cavalcanti) discussing her promise to her dying sister that she would take care of Orazio after she passed away. Ursula tells her husband that she plans to have Orazio stay on in their house for a month or so, even suggesting that her husband give him a job so Orazio can become prosperous and rich like them.

Scene 1: While everyone is asleep, Orazio sneaks one of his girlfriends into the house. This is Gaby/Gabrielle (Olga Petrova, all dressed up in a sexy black leather outfit). He wants to fuck her badly (even though he has just buried his mother earlier in the day), and he fills her in on a little plan he has for getting rich fast (but we do not get to hear what he has in mind). Their noisy lovemaking (on his bed) awakens his aunt, who peeks into Orazio's room to investigate, but rather than being shocked she is a bit turned on and leaves soon after. Soon after the aunt has left, Orazio cums on his girlfriend's ass (while she is in the doggie position). (Perry was fully dressed in blue shirt and blue jeans the whole time). As soon as Ursula is back in her bedroom, she awakens Philibert and tells him she just saw Orazio fucking a girl in his room.

Scene 2: The following morning, Orazio agrees to go and live with his uncle and aunt. On arrival in their villa, the pretty maid Angela (Eva Unger, here billed as Grazia Neri and sporting dark hair) is there waiting for them on the front steps. At supper, Philibert reproaches Orazio for his bad table manners and offers to take him to the plant he owns the next day so he can get started on his new job. Orazio turns down his uncle's offer and goes off to his room. Ursula is equally upset at Philibert for not being too friendly towards Orazio, and leaves the room. Left alone, Philibert makes a play for Angela, who is more than willing to do her master's bidding as long as he rewards her with money (she blows him while on her knees, he screws her in a number of positions, vaginally and anally, and she jerks him off on her breasts).

Scene 3: Orazio and another male (Alberto Rey) are in a meat packing plant. A bossy female supervisor (Lisa Gastoni) tells them to gab less and work more efficiently. It does not take long for the two to take advantage of her. Orazio loosens her up a bit and fists her, she gives them a dual bj, and they screw her in a number of positions, including anal and DP. Perry cums in her open mouth, and Rey cums on a meat steak, which she licks clean. But Rey manages to cum again (there is a bit of editing, so it is unclear whether or not the action was uninterrupted) in her open mouth.

Scene 4a-4b: Inspector Salvini calls on Ursula, looking for Orazio. Salvini has been investigating Orazio for some time, following the death of his mother and father in a car accident. Salvini suspects Orazio of foul play. Salvini admits he lacks the proper evidence to put Orazio away, but makes her an interesting proposal: he may be willing to close the file on his investigation if she would agree to have sex with him at least once a week. She does not protest too much and they have sex on a couch (bj, titfuck, reverse cowgirl, doggie, he jerks off on her tongue and open mouth). Their lovemaking is intercut with another scene that takes place in Philibert's office. An attractive blonde (Nikki Anderson) pays him a visit, and tells him she is Angela's sister, that she's well aware of their little "arrangement" and she too is looking for money. Philibert loses no time in tasting her charms and screws her on his desk in a variety of positions (she jerks him off on her breasts). In both cases the two males remained fully dressed (only jacket removed) during the sex scenes.

Scene 5: The family is now gathered again at a cemetery for the burial of Angela. We are told that she died as a result of a car accident. Philibert plans to hire another maid, and Orazio states that he knows someone who is very capable and very good looking. This someone turns out to be Orazio's girlfriend Gaby and she is hired. Orazio instructs her to go to his uncle's office later that night and to tease him a little, while he will be busy putting his plan in motion. Gaby does not have to try very hard, and as soon as she enters his office, Philibert is all over her and screws her on the couch (bj, titfuck, doggie, reverse cowgirl, anal, nice open mouth facial). Just before Philibert cums, his wife is awakened by their lovemaking and peeks into the office and sees the two making out. Pissed off, Ursula goes to Orazio's room, and demands he fuck her right away. He needs no begging, as this appears to be part of his "plans" (bj; vaginal sex in spoon, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, brief anal in cowgirl, he jerks off in her open mouth).

Scene 6: It is hard to make out the ending (though it seems Philibert has ditched his wife, and has run off with Gaby), with Orazio visiting his parents' tomb at the cemetery and being told by his aunt that she is there for another funeral, but it is not clear who is being buried.


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