< To gliko Kormi tis Bianca

Released: 1982
Director: Ilias Milonakos
Notes: Greece, soft version - Sonics Studio label - 79 minutes, New Star DVD
Alternate Titles
  • Erotikos Sadismos Greece, Medusa VHS, soft version
  • To Glyko Kormi tis Bianka transliteration
  • Sweet Body of Bianca
Notes and Reviews

Female Cast: Vanessa Danou, Marina Frajese (Stella), Rossella Dramis, Sabrina Mastrolorenzi (Samantha), Monika Peri (credited on the box, but not the screen), Grazia De Giorgi, Mara Johnson, Jiasmin Keller, Mirca Plita, Dafni Anastasiou, Aneca Venardou

Males -

  • Mario Cutini plays Roger
  • Panos Fitos
  • Bruno Alias plays Orestes

Rome: a young woman introduces her friend Samantha to the wealthy Greek sadist Orestes. He contracts her to be his slave for two weeks at his place on the island of Corfu. Here she meets with his wife Stella (Frajese), an anonymous friend and with Bianca, the blonde slave/mistress of Orestes. Samantha is paid to be put in chains, in a cage and to be beaten daily by Orestes. Orestes also spies on Bianca making love to the other man.

Orestes owns Gill's hotel, where a young novelist Robert is staying. At the anniversary party of Orestes, Robert falls in love with Bianca. When Bianca wants to quit Orestes, he shoots her in the shoulder, but Robert saves her and beats Orestes up.

Meanwhile, as a result of an aphrodisiac, a threesome between the man, Stella and Gill ends up pretty gruesome, since Frajese somewhat over enthusiastically bites off his cock! Happy end!

This film has a pretty good story for a porn movie and is still filled with many sex scenes: Orestes with two women, Frajese blows Orestes who¹s watching Bianca make love to the man, Samantha is beaten by Orestes, Bianca and Samantha have some lesbian sex, the man has sex with Sabrina, lesbian SM with Samantha and Gill with the two men watching, love scenes between Bianca and Roger on the beach, Gill tries to seduce Orestes, lesbian scene between Gill and Stella, wild orgy between the man, Gill and Stella, who bites off his cock. The plot is interesting and the psychology is rudimentary but correct.

Although I saw a soft version, there obviously must also be a hardcore version.


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