< Gianburrasca 2

Released: 1997
Director: Magdalena Lynn as Nicky Ranieri
Alternate Titles
  • Mémoires d'un Pervers 2 Colmax
  • Das Tagebuch der Lust 2 Goldlight / Salieri
  • Cristina Blonde as Sandy Daniels, plays Danila, Gianburrasca's friend
  • Eva Falk as Pody Mawell, plays Camilla, Gianburrasca's mother
  • Illana Moor as Mirtyl Sovek, plays the director
  • Olga Pechova as Ganci Romero or Natalie Washington, plays Paolino's friend
  • Regina Sipos as Ganci Romero or Natalie Washington, plays the lesbian lover of the director
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Joe Calzone
  • Valentino
  • Francesco Malcom


  • Olga Pechova, Joe Calzone
  • Eva Falk, Valentino
  • Illana Moor, Regina Sipos
  • Illana Moor, Francesco Malcom, Nicola Iacono
  • Cristina Blonde, Francesco Malcom

Cast of characters in the trilogy:

  • Francesco Malcom plays Giannino Stoppani (Gianburrasca)
  • Eva Falk plays Camilla, Gianburrasca's mother
  • Franco D'Alessi plays Giacomo, Gianburrasca's father
  • Monica Orsini plays Marina, Gianburrasca's sister
  • Holly Fander plays Luisa, Gianburrasca's sister
  • Joe Calzone plays Paolino, the butler
  • Ron Jeremy plays Alfonso, Luisa's boyfriend
  • Roberto Malone as Robert Malone plays Nicolino, Marina's boyfriend
  • Vivienne Morillo plays Ginetta, Camilla's friend
  • Olga Pechova plays Paolino's friend
  • Illana Moor plays the director
  • Regina Sipos plays the lesbian lover of the director
  • Valentino plays Antonio, the butler
  • Cristina Blonde plays Danila, Gianburrasca's friend
  • Elisabeth King plays Paolino's friend
  • Anita Blond plays Giordana, Gianburrasca's cousin
  • XNK2574 plays Ginetta's friend
  • Nicola Iacono plays Giovannone, Gianburrasca's friend
  • Maurizio De Vita plays Gianburrasca (older), non-sex
  • XNK2575 uncredited, plays Luisa (older), non-sex
  • XNK2575 (same as XNK0903) uncredited, plays Marina (older), non-sex


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