< La Grande extase

Released: 1976
Director: Patrice Rhomm
Notes: 85 mins. A version with French sound but Swedish (?) subtitles is 72 mins. The final masked orgy is shorter.
Alternate Titles
  • Club per apprendiste porno mogli Italy
  • Fellation
  • Grand Ecstasy USA
  • La Jouissance et la noire
  • Paris intim West Germany, 82 mins. - the masked orgy scene is much longer than the version with French sound and Swedish (?) subtitles
  • La petite Caroline aime les grandes sucettes 1980 a shortened version (65 mins.) but even so with additional scenes featuring Richard Lemieuvre and Dominique Aveline
  • Thierry et Laure
  • Célia Vetti plays Kate
  • Claudine Beccarie extract from Exhibition and perhaps other archive footage
  • Cristel Lauris as Christine Louis, plays Solange, Laure's childhood friend, non-sex
  • Eva Khris plays Laure
  • Jocelyne Clairis as Joselyne Clairis, plays Mademoiselle Zola
  • Marie Bonnement plays Martine, a stewardess and part-time prostitute who advertised in the swingers' magazine, also appears as a brunette in the masked orgy
  • Marion Schultz in final orgy
  • Marlène Myller plays Maude
  • Viviane Gargar in masked orgy or the creole nurse in Thierry's childhood memory
  • XNK5007 as Dominique Damiens, Viviane Gargar or uncredited, in masked orgy
  • XNK5009 as Dominique Damiens, Viviane Gargar or uncredited, a creole nurse in a childhood memory of Thierry's, probably archive footage
Notes and Reviews

Credited males -

  • Jerry Brouer plays Boris
  • Dominique Damiens (male or female?)
  • Michel Dauba in archive footage from Exhibition
  • De Brem would be Thierry de Brem, but he does not seem to appear, unless under a mask in the final orgy
  • Patrick Lyonnet plays Michel
  • Cyril Val as Alain Plumet
  • Charlie Schreiner as Frédéric Schreiner plays Thierry

Uncredited males -

  • Gilbert Servien plays Monsieur Verde, toothbrush manufacturer
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Paul
  • Carmelo Petix appears in the orgy

Thierry and Laure are a married Parisian couple whose sex life has lost a little bit of its spark. Both reveal their respective dissatisfaction to a friend, and both receive the same advice: put an ad into a swingers mag. That they do, and soon they have a string of sexual adventures. One evening they both attend an orgy for masked individuals, and only afterwards find out that they had each other.


Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

In the scene featuring XNK5009, the creole nanny (Thierry's dream sequence) there is a dark-haired girl in a cage whose face could not be clearly seen. This strongly suggests that this sequence is archive footage because the caged girl has no relevance to the rest of the film.

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