< Gece Yasayan Kadin

Released: 1979
Director: Yani Veligradino as Naki Yurter
Notes: Turkey, Barlik Film
Alternate Titles
  • Bunalim softcore version, Fanatik Video
Notes and Reviews

Males include -

  • Hakan Özer plays Fikret
  • Ata Saka plays Kemal

Necla is a young woman who lives a double life. During daytime, she looks as if she is paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, but at nights she can walk, becoming an insatiable lover for the painter Fikret who lives next door. Necla's sister Selma and her husband Kemal who is a psychiatrist, move to Istanbul and visit Necla. Kemal detects her quasi-somnambulism and seeks a therapy. Meanwhile, Fikret attempts to discover the true identity of his lover. On learning Fikret's efforts, Necla gets enraged and kills him. Due to a confusion, Selma is arrested for the murder. Kemal soon reveals that the real murderer is Necla and eventually, she surrenders herself to the police. Possibly the only legally released hardcore film of Dilber Ay who had her greatest success with the softcore-adventure flick Karpuzcu, an adaptation of Charles Bronson's Mr. Majestyk.


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