< Les Gicleuses

Released: 1978
Director: Anne-Marie Tensi as Job Blough
Notes: Europrodis / Filmologies, 67 mins. (64 mins. on video)
Alternate Titles
  • Messieurs, préparez vos gros cigares 1982
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Raymond Ximay plays the blond-haired man
  • Michel Barot plays the brown-haired man
  • Gilbert Servien, non-sex, plays the husband with the belt

Very disjointedly edited to the extent that in some scenes the footage appears to be in the wrong order. Distasteful subject, bad camera work to go with the editing - you'd almost think it was a recent amateur video production. The discovery of a Carole Gire title was exciting, but it was difficult even to get a clear look at her face. She and the other female performers were sadly wasted.

Film information updated with help from Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm.

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