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Released: c. 1999
Director: Gabriel Pontello as Gabriela Ponti
Notes: DBM, Family Blue FB 013
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Roberto Malone
  • Richard Lengin
  • Bruno SX
  • unidentified male (black, dreadlocks)

The movie opens with Babette Blue walking through the streets of Paris, entering a building near the Arc De Triomphe (visible in the background only a short distance away) to be greeted by Richard Lengin and Bruno SX. They appear to be her domestic servants. The building looks far more opulent on the inside than it does on the outside, leaving the viewer with the distinct impression that these are two different sets.

Bruno soon leaves. Babette strips to her black basque, suspenders and black lace-top stockings and then has sex with Richard. Richard then leaves, upon which Bruno (who had been spying from a doorway) takes over. The two perform oral sex on each other before he fucks her.

The second scene sees the arrival of Debora Coeur (in a bright pink wig that looks like a bad prop from a '70s sci-fi show). She removes her coat to reveal shiny black PVC fetishwear and equally shiny thigh-high black boots, and she has sex with Roberto Malone. Nice hot scene (if you ignore that wig!) with some good reverse cowgirl anal.

There is then an abrupt cut (Why do they insist on intercutting scenes??!) to a middle-aged, tarty-looking blonde (Marie-Therese) arriving and being shown in by Bruno. She quickly has his cock in her mouth. He then rather roughly sucks and fondles her breasts before she sucks him off some more and the action cuts abruptly back to Debora and Roberto as Babette (now wearing a red basque and black stockings) joins them. Babette then fists Debora, both women also performing oral on Roberto, before he takes Debora from behind anally, prior to Babette once again fisting Debora while she's still doing anal with Roberto. Both women then share a facial from Roberto to finish.

The action then cuts back to the middle-aged blonde (who's wearing lilac suspenders and black lace-top stockings) and Bruno having anal sex in a variety of positions, with Bruno shooting his load onto her backside before she sucks him clean.

The next scene commences with Babette (still wearing her red basque and black stockings) reclining and reading on a sofa. Bruno escorts the now-dressed-again middle-aged blonde into the room to see Babette. He serves them drinks, upon which two young women - one white (XNK5779), one black (Phenola Grandi) - arrive and Bruno escorts them into another room where Roberto is lying naked, asleep.

Bruno leaves the room, the two girls sit down either side of Roberto and the sex action commences with both girls performing oral on Roberto - during which they remove their dresses to reveal some very sexy undies and stockings. XNK5779 wears tan stockings with a crimson bra and suspender belt. And Phenola looks especially sexy in a white bra and suspender belt worn with sheer ivory coloured stockings that contrast nicely with her dark skin. This scene features some great "reverse cowgirl" action with Phenola riding Roberto.

The film then cuts back to the middle-aged blonde and Babette in the living room. Bruno shows in a black dreadlocked guy rather oddly dressed in what looks like a bright yellow weatherproof fisherman's suit. The black guy presents the women with a box of coloured dildos, which they examine before deciding they prefer the real thing. So they strip the black guy and both perform oral on him, before Babette rides him vaginally in reverse cowgirl. She then departs, leaving the middle-aged blonde sucking him off.

The action then cuts back to Phenola riding Roberto. Babette and Bruno enter the room, and Babette sucks off Bruno as he watches Roberto and the two young women. Bruno then strips naked and joins Roberto and the girls on the bed. Phenola sucks off Roberto as XNK5779 does likewise to Bruno - while Babette fists both girls simultaneously. The scene culminates with Roberto giving Babette a facial, swiftly followed by Bruno doing the same.

Cut back now to the dreadlocked black guy briefly fucking the middle-aged blonde on the sofa (anal missionary) and finishing with a facial.

The final scene features Richard walking in on a previously unseen younger blonde (Daisy Face) with a pierced clit and labia, taking a shower. He joins her and they have sex, with Richard delivering a facial to finish. This scene seems quite isolated from the rest of the movie and doesn't really "fit in". Almost as if it was tagged on as an afterthought.

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