< Handy Katzen

Released: c. 1998
Director: SX Kowalski
Notes: DBM, X-Ray XR 3522
Alternate Titles
  • X-Ray 22 - Handy Katzen
Notes and Reviews

Credited Females - Dru Barrymore, Monja Nero, Manuela Minelli, Heike Graf, Nicole Haag, Michelle Delage

Credited Males - Reinhard, Steve Holmes, Chris Charming

Guest appearance: Carlo Mureno, SX Kowalski

Plenty of PVC and wacky outfits feature in this mildly bizarre tale that seems to be about a sex cult, or something of that ilk, with a mobile phone fetish.

The first sex happens with a couple of women arriving and getting into action with weirdly garbed Steve Holmes and Chris Charming. The latter wears a snorkel mask, for some reason. The girls wear rubber or PVC, one with a black outfit, one with black and blue, and some heavy make-up. The girl in black has reddish blonde hair and a tattoo on her back, just below the right shoulder. I tend to think she's Nicole Haag, as in Ero Extrem Magazin, but a combination of heavy make-up and my grainy VHS copy means I can't be sure. The other has curly blonde hair and is a little older. Sexually, the emphasis is squarely on robust anal and relentless double penetration for the curly-haired blonde girl in the black & blue outfit. Each girl gets a facial, and then after the others leave, Steve fingers the curly-haired blonde fast, to an apparent orgasm.

Reinhard then takes on a new initiate. This girl is blonde, has shoulder length hair slicked back, and has a harness outfit under her white and black jacket. She has a nice, soft but svelte body with a tattoo of something like a Chinese dragon on her back. She's pretty enough but again the emphasis is on strong sex, anal being soon on the cards. Reinhard breaks out some sex toys, first penetrating the girl with a fist-thick red dildo, screwing her some more, and then the highlight: a one-man double penetration, done by Reinhard with the assistance of a strap-on cock. She tosses him off in the general direction of her face.

Steve, in his zany clothes, then enters the boudoir of a black-stockinged brunette woman in the company of Dru, who's topless chaps and a red rubber mini. After the woman donates her mobile phones in a bizarre sort of communion. Dru dons red rubber gloves, lubes up and deeply fists the brunette as she sucks Steve. The stress here is on extreme penetration: Dru soon has two fists in the woman's pussy at once, with Steve's dick in her ass for good measure. Rimming, anal fisting, a fist double penetration, and even penetration by fist while Steve crams his own cock and a strap-on into the brunette's ass. All this features before, finally, the gimmick of the whole thing, mobile phones (or Handys as the Germans call them) into the woman's pussy. As Dru inserts a mobile phone into her own pussy, Steve has anal sex with the brunette and then drips his come onto her face.

A pale, curvy girl (also seen in Ero Extrem Magazin, in a scene set in the same bedroom as the previous scene here, also featuring Dru), with short hair and tattoos over her body, breasts and even legs joins two guys on the bed (Reinhard, Chris). She wears a woolly hat for much of the sex, but funnily enough, her short hair is nearly the same shape! The sex here is moderately rough, with a fair bit of spanking brining colour to her pale cheeks. The energy levels are high and the sex is strong, including anal and double penetration, the latter seemingly bringing her to such a strong orgasm, she can't take any more.

Reinhard and Chris recline on the bed and masturbate - in a purely heterosexual way, of course! - and find that Dru is willing to join them. She quickly leaps into action, sucking cock and being fucked by Reinhard. It quickly becomes anal sex, and there's a fair bit of energetic and surprisingly free-flowing action before Chris comes on her ass and Reinhard shoots over her face.

A point of note is that all the dialogue is in German, with original sound rather than dubbing. All in German, except for one odd moment where Chris asks "Is that good?" and Dru replies, "Fuckin' A!"

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