< Das Haus der geheimen Lüste

Released: 1979
Director: Hans Billian
Notes: Aphrodite Film, München, 70 mins
Alternate Titles
  • La Casa del placer secreto Spain
  • Josefine Mutzenbacher's Haus der geheimen Lüste Herzog DVD title
  • Passions secrètes France
  • Secret Passions USA
  • Tabu Erotic Fire - Veronikas frivole Spiele Tabu 5208, superficially a loop collection, but in fact these are the loops of Das Haus der geheimen Lüste with a bonus US loop at the end
Notes and Reviews

Set at the turn of the last century, the movie portrays the life of the honorary citizen and lawyer, Gregor von Klingenberg.

At first glance his appears to be a 'normal' upper-class family, but on closer inspection the viewer starts discovering signs of degeneration into moral and sexual debauchery hidden behind a facade of civil righteousness. Billian handles this masterfully, connecting erotic scenes with good acting and an entertaining plot. The female cast is attractive and seems to get into the sex fairly well.

The story starts out with a promising scene between Gregor Klingenberg and the attractive maid Friederike. Sitting in a chair with her pussy spread and her nice firm breasts bared, she awaits him in the library. Slowly she inserts a riding whip between her pussy lips, allowing him a deep access. He then screws her on the table, certainly unaware of being watched by a newspaper reporter named Achim Zeidler. Achim has come to write a critical article about von Klingenberg. While spying through the window he gets surprised by Maria, Klingenberg's daughter. Unfortunately the interview soon escalates into a dispute and Achim gets kicked out by the outraged host.

Klingenberg and his wife then try to stimulate their sexlife in the bedroom, which leaves her quite unsatisfied. Meanwhile Maria's brother visits Friederike in her room. He needs some relaxation but is unable to get it without watching girls masturbating. Friederike is an appreciative and cooperative person and both start jerking themselves 'til he pops a load into her waiting hand. Later she's visited by his sister Maria, whom she tells about her former family life and the relationship with Maria's father, who blackmails her. In some flashbacks the viewer experiences her younger sister Veronika getting touched by her father in the kitchen. When her older sister Elsie arrives the siblings have a well-done and extended foursome with her boyfriend Karl.

Next Maria meets Achim, who tells her that he has been fired because of her father's intervention. After some decent sex on the floor they start making plans on how to get back his job. They visit her father's office, where they get to know some interesting news from the secretary, Frl. Bischoff:

Mrs. Klingenberg has an affair with her husband's colleague Dr. Kollwitz. As the couple arrives, Maria and Achim hide behind a curtain and watch them having sex, including a doggy anal scene.

Next the son visits Friederike's sister Veronika. After they lick each other, she takes a reverse cowgirl ride and works a load out into her hands. Back at home he asks his father to pay off his gambling debts but he refuses. One of his clients, Gräfin von Hagenau, a woman in her seventies, is willing to help him. In return he must 'educate' her cute granddaughter Caroline (Sylvia Engelmann).

An interesting scene follows. Supervised by the old woman he starts his job, but she is not really satisfied with his unexperienced pussy licking. Things really heat up when she takes over and stimulates sweet Caroline by shoving a dildo into her. Achim, who has learnt his lesson, now screws Caroline missionary, doggy, and cowgirl style until she jerks him off onto her pussy. Quite extraordinary but a typical frivolous Billian scene!

Now it's time for the great showdown! Achim threatens Klingenberg that he will publish intimate family details and Klingenberg 'surrenders' quickly.

The son then ends the movie with Veronika and her sister who gets a creamy load on her butt while Achim lets Maria ride him reverse cowgirl style.


This was also released as separate loops, later collected on video in Tabu Erotic Fire - Veronikas frivole Spiele with a bonus US loop at the end).

Names of the loops:

  1. Perverse Ambitionen
  2. Veronikas frivole Spiele
  3. Der hemmungslose Assessor
  4. Familienorgie

Information from beutelwolf.

Names in the credits of the American release are: Gretchen Myer, Alma Katz, Heidi Mahler, Lydia Loring, Claude Bach, Jean Luc Pitard, Felix Wurtman.

The credits to the spanish release are - Carola Zapf, Sylvia Berg, Dagmar Pinseler.

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