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Released: 1995
Director: Luca Damiano
Notes: Tip Top TAD-9906, 90 min., a condensed version of parts one and two. Italian language with English subtitles, stars Sarah Young (bgafd) as Ophelia
Alternate Titles
  • X Hamlet
Notes and Reviews

Scenes (notes courtesy MacD):

  1. Start of film does not have any film title or credits, it's just a night shot of the castle, then the ghost (Luca Damiano) pops up from the bottom of the shot, his face filling the screen, shouting something incomprehensible. You then see him walking along the battlements before he is suddenly in a woman's bedroom. Blows the sheets away from the sleeping woman on the bed. She is blond and is naked. Unable to identify woman (could be Carole Nash)
  2. Laetitia and Lulu are washing Maeva. Clark enters and starts talking to Maeva. After a while the three women start to kiss and fondle each other. Roberto Malone joins them; Laetitia and Lulu leave and Maeva and Roberto proceed to have sex while Christoph continues to talk. 69 and anal. No sex for Clark
  3. Sarah is naked and asleep on a bed. Clark wakes her and talks to her. Ophelia's father, Polonio, enters and surprises them, causing Christoph to run away. No sex
  4. Aliona is in a 69 position with Valentina before suddenly cutting to them and Terry putting Christoph Clark into a pillory. No sex
  5. Rocco and Rosa lie naked on a bed. Rocco rolls on top of her and they start to have sex (nothing seen) as the ghost of the king (Luca Damiano) watches
  6. Sarah lies naked on a bed as Clark sits and talks to her. He moves closer to her to get a better view. No sex
  7. Maeva performs fellatio on Malone before leading him away by his penis
  8. Clark and Lengin come upon Katia Cargo, Kristina, Tina and Dina doing the laundry at the river. They all proceed to have sex. Anal and facials
  9. A fully clothed Sarah is sitting on a wall with her skirt hoisted up around her waist. She is not wearing any panties, and Clark is kneeling before her having a good look whilst talking to her. No sex
  10. Clark and Lengin, discovering Terry lying naked on a bed, put her in the pillory and proceed to have sex with her. Suddenly the scene alters to them all having sex on the bed. Anal and DP
  11. Clark has sex with Victoria in the kitchen. Anal and facials
  12. Out in the garden, Sarah has the top of her dress pulled down and is allowing Clark to fondle and kiss her naked breasts. Then the scene changes to them both lying on the ground, Sarah is now naked. As Christoph moves towards her she jumps up and runs away. No sex
  13. Jacqueline and Clark have sex on the castle battlements. Facial
  14. Clark chases Sarah around a well. No sex
  15. Clark, Aliona and Valentina have sex on the throne. Anal and facial
  16. Maeva and Malone have sex on a bed while the old king (Luca Damiano) sleeps soundly beside them. Roberto then rubs poison onto Maeva's pubic region before leaving. Luca wakes up, and seeing his naked wife lying beside him, goes down to perform cunnilingus on her and is poisoned
  17. When Clark walks into the room, Sarah is in the bath. She steps out and they go to the bed and have sex. When they have finished, three semi naked soldiers emerge from where they've been hiding in various wooden chests placed around the room. Anal and foot wank between the breasts
  18. Clark meets Lengin, Victoria and Lulu in the corridor. The two women perform fellatio on Richard. When they go to do the same to Christoph, he leaves
  19. Sarah and Clark are arguing while walking on the battlements. Maeva and Malone are watching them. As the actors arrive, an upset Sarah runs off. As the actors parade around the castle, Maeva and Roberto have sex on the battlements. You don’t see them finish
  20. Lengin and Tanya have sex in a cart as the actors perform on stage
  21. Mock fight scene where the main players are all 'killed'. Scene pulls back to show rows of modern theatregoers watching. End credits with everyone dancing around singing "fuck, or not to fuck".

End credits read like a Hollywood movie, they've put everyone in them.

The Royal Court:

  • Christoph Clark– Hamlet
  • Sarah Young– Ophelia
  • Maeva– Gertrude
  • Roberto Malone– Claudio (Claudius)
  • Richard Lengin– Horatio
  • Luca Damiano– The King – Father – The ghost (non-sex)
  • Joe D'Amato– Polonio (Polonius, Ophelia's father (non-sex).


    Carole Nash (non-sex & not identified)
  • Vicky (Victoria Queen)
  • Aliona
  • Valentina
  • Lulli (Lulu David)
  • Jacqueline (Wild)
  • Shalimar (Laetitia Bisset)
  • Valentina Martinez (non-sex & not identified)
  • Susanna (non-sex & not identified)

Laundry Girls:

  • Kristina (K Soderszk)
  • Ildiko (Tina Latour)
  • Katia Cargo
  • Dina Pearl

The Actors:

  • Tanya La Rivière
  • Mike Foster (non-sex)
  • Marco Leandris (non-sex & not identified)
  • Tony Cozzolino (non-sex & not identified)
  • Valentino (non-sex & not identified. No sign of the usual actor going by this name)

Soldiers (all non-sex & not identified):

  • Zoltan Krucsidy
  • Tino Cianfi
  • Max Tersigni
  • Tony Tuzzi
  • Dino Mori
  • John Trotterella
  • 'Others':

    • Sante Villa– The Captain (non-sex & not identified)
    • Henry Pro'– The "Travesti" (non-sex & not identified)
    • Terry– The Executioness
    • Mauro Dogghin and Richard Grosso– The Husbands (non-sex & not identified)
    • "Extraordinary and Friendly Appearance of" Rocco Siffredi and Rosa Caracciolo.

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