< Hotel der Lüste

Released: mid 1990s
Director: Fernando H.
Notes: FHG-Pic’s
Alternate Titles
  • Hotel der Lüste… wo der Kunde noch König ist! 2005 MMV DVD 50842
Notes and Reviews

Note: Kelly has not yet had the breast enhancements she got while under contract with MMV.

Males -

  • Herb Seilers
  • Gerd Müller
  • Tom Engler
  • Jean Pallett

Scene 1: Kelly Trump in a tight red suit with mini-skirt and red high heels plays a barmaid. Sex acts: She has her pussy licked and some anal fingering (up to two fingers). Then the guy inserts a big dildo in her ass.

Scene 2: A blonde with curly hair wears a white nurse shirt, black stockings, black lingerie, black high heels and orange nail varnish. She has a Ferrari-like horse tattooed on her right buttock. Sex acts: BJ, he fucks her from behind while she wears a pillowcase on the head for around two minutes, sex, facial (most goes on her chin), BJ clean-off.

Scene 3: The same blonde has just arrived in the kitchen and she gets laid again; she wears the same clothes. Sex acts: BJ, sex, then Kelly Trump comes in wearing her red suit and starts sucking the cook. He has sex with Kelly, who has a blue silky bra. Internal cumshot although the scene is cut before seeing the pussy. The blonde with curly hair licks a bit at the sperm.

Scene 4: A blonde sits on a stool, wearing a blue silky mini-skirt; she has a scorpion-like tattoo on the right buttock. She gets fucked from behind while sitting on the stool. The scene is then interrupted to follow Tanja Gol wearing a black dress, a white shirt and white stockings. She goes to the men's room and urinates on a urinal, her back against the wall. She keeps her white panties on while urinating. She then takes back the glass that she had put on the floor and drinks from it again (no piss got in it). The guy who was fucking the woman on the stool comes in and gets sucked. Sex acts: BJ, anal, then the cook comes in and she sucks him while getting sodomised. The cook then leaves and she takes a facial (on tongue) from the other guy. Short BJ clean-off.

Scene 5: Tanja Gol is sleeping on a bed. A man from the bar comes while she is asleep. Sex acts: Sex and anal while she is lying on her stomach, the woman with the blue silky mini-skirt masturbates while watching them. He cums on the cheek of Tanja Gol. This scene is similar in concept to Salieri’s Stupri Gallery.

Scene 6: Kelly masturbates with a cucumber on the buffet table. Tanja Gol in a red tight dress, the blonde with the blue mini-skirt wearing this time a red tight dress and the blonde with curly hair in the same white nurse shirt and black stockings are all there, taking food from the buffet (mainly bananas and what looks like citron juices). Sex acts: (Kelly Trump) masturbation with the cucumber; (Tanja Gol) BJ, sex; (blonde with the blue mini-skirt) BJ, sex, facial (most on her chin); (blonde with curly hair) BJ, sex, facial (on her chin).

Extras: trailers.

Ratings: Sex 3, Make-up 3.5, Clothes 4, Picture quality 3.5 – picture a bit granular and lighting not always good; in the Kelly Trump scene, a line appears a couple of centimeters before the bottom of the screen. The line appears when the camera films Kelly’s face, fortunately for only a few seconds. Since the problem disappears when the filming goes to another angle, it is very probably due to the material used by the production team.

Comments: the movie is raw and contains a lot of fetishes. It is very different from the other Kelly Trump movies and is rather recommended to the fans of the genre.


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