< To Haremi tou Passa

Released: 1986
Director: Stratos Markidis as Thanassis Mikhaïlidis
Notes: Greece, Olympus Films, c. 73 mins. English translation "The Pasha's Harem".
Alternate Titles
  • Femmine morbosamente erotiche Italy
  • To Haremi
  • To Haremi tou Pasha alternative rendering into the Roman alphabet
  • Guia Lauri Filzi uncredited, plays the woman giving a blowjob to Telis in his car
  • Monika Dimitriou plays Marianna
  • XNK2492 uncredited, plays one of the girls picked up by Telis
  • XNK3268 ?, uncredited, plays one of the girls with Pantelis on the beach
  • XNK3269 ?, uncredited, plays one of the girls with Pantelis on the beach
  • XNK6029 plays one of the girls picked up by Telis
  • XNK6030 plays one of the girls picked up by Telis
  • XNK6031 non-sex, plays the black girl in the harem
Notes and Reviews

In the original Greek VHS version, the following actors are credited: Peghi Simou, Angela Giannou, Monica Dimitriou, Dorothy Evans, Telis Stallone, Pavlos Papadopoulos, Stathis Lekkas, Spiros Lokatzis. These names correspond to the exact cast of I Kyria ke o Moutsos, shot a year before. Overall, eight girls and four males do appear, all of them (with the exception of the black girl and the guy playing the pasha) taking part in the sex scenes.

Males -

  • Telis Stallone plays Telis
  • Pavlos Karanikolas, as Pavlos Papadopoulos, plays Pavlos
  • Uncredited male (Spiros Lokatzis?) plays Pantelis
  • Uncredited male plays the pasha (non-sex role)

Plot Summary –

The whole story is about a pasha, who wants to enroll fresh new girls for his harem in Constantinople (Istanbul). To that end, he has hired the services of Telis, a Greek doctor, who has lots of experience with women. Telis, assisted by his friends Pavlos and Pantelis, manages to lure lots of girls, with fake promises of a modeling or acting career and the like. Not only do they get to fuck all of them, but they finally succeed in sending them, despite their wishes, into the pasha's harem. Telis is the most inventive of all. Shortly before intercourse, he covers his dick with a spray of some sort of Spanish Fly, which actually works both as a turn on and as a drug. Therefore, shortly after being fucked, the girls lose their senses, making them more amenable to being abducted for the harem. In the end, the pasha, wishing to thank Telis and Pavlos for good services rendered, offers them two of his girls. (These two have both actually been enrolled by them, even if they can't remember them!). The two guys, dressed in traditional Arab robes, fuck them eagerly.

This film marks the last (?), and unfortunately the weakest, contribution of Stratos Markidis to Greek Porn and Erotica. Overall it is a cheap production, more or less reminiscent of Berto's other productions of the same period. Its opening scenes may imply that it was filmed in Istanbul, but it was actually shot in Athens. The pasha's harem was allegedly located in a (then abandoned) villa in the Athenian suburb of Kifissia. The filming is of course a little better, but the plot is practically non-existent and the sex leaves a lot to be desired, partly because of the surprising (for a Greek porn flick) and noteworthy absence of anal sex.


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