< I løvens tegn

Released: 1976
Director: Werner Hedmann
Notes: 1 hr 29 mins (Scanbox h/c DVD)
Alternate Titles
  • Les Belles dames du temps jadis DVD Blue One, French sound, 1 hr 14 mins
  • Encore plus original title of French release
  • I Lejonets Tecken Scanbox DVD cover title
  • In the Sign of the Lion
  • De Leeuw brult om sex Netherlands, Concorde Video
  • Die Reitschule der Madame O Germany, UFA Video, softcore version, 82 minutes
  • Rosa bon bon fiore del sesso Italy
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Ole Søltoft plays Toni Bram [the young man who pretends to be the auther, sounds more like Danny in the French version]
  • Poul Bundgaard plays Anton F. Møller
  • Werner Hedmann plays Karin's redaktør (the publisher)
  • Karl Stegger plays Postbud Rasmussen (the postman?)
  • William Kisum plays Grev Johan (old count)
  • Ib Mossin plays Grev Hubert (present count)
  • Bent Warburg plays Fotograf Oscar Pilford (photographer)
  • Arthur Jensen plays Kriminalkommissær Petersen (Inspector Petersen, bowler hat)
  • Toni Rodian plays Butiksekspedient
  • Knud Jörgensen plays the soldier with the bandage

The French hard core version is twenty minutes shorter than the time given on IMDB.

Unaccounted for -

  • brunette (XNK0168) and blonde [probably Gina Janssen) g/g session after which brunette is spanked by old count's cousin
  • three catwalk models/strippers, XNK0165, XNK0166, XNK0167
  • male at modelling session (or the male apache dancer)
  • the chauffeur b/g/g session with Soffy and Yrsa
  • friend of the old count joins in the b/g/g session with Soffy and Yrsa
  • which one is the present count as a young man?

Two old ladies write a book of sexy memoirs and ask an engineer to pose as the author. The book concerns the noble inhabitants of a certain mansion. The trouble is that the present count, the cousin of the old count was and is a very puritanical and intolerant person. What he doesn't know is that his unmarried aunts (?) wrote the scandalous but true recollections of the goings on in the past involving themselves, the old count and others. The comedy of the above is intersprersed with hard core scenes (flashbacks) from the book - edged in soft focus.

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