< Inside Napoli 2

Released: 1990
Director: Mario Salieri
Alternate Titles
  • Italie folies Colmax, two separate DVDs Italie Folies and Italie Folies 2 - see review notes
Notes and Reviews

Inside Napoli is a three-part film (possibly four-part) in its original Italian version. Inside Napoli 1 is 62 mins. long. Part 2 is 77 mins. long and part 3 is 83 mins. long (timings from iafd). A butchered version of this was released on DVD by Colmax in two parts. Italie Folies is 88 mins. long and Italie Folies 2 is 78 mins. long. The original Italian version has not been properly viewed but it is possible to compare the Colmax DVDs with the scene breakdowns of Inside Napoli 1, 2 and 3 on iafd.

Italie Folies seems to lack the first sex scene featuring Moana Pozzi and Mario De Sica. It has the other sex scenes and the first two sex scenes of Inside Napoli 2. So far, so simple. However, Italie Folies 2 begins with the first two sex scenes of Inside Napoli 3. Then come sex scenes 3, 4 and 5 of Inside Napoli 2 with scene 6 of that title omitted. Scene 4 of Inside Napoli 3 follows as scene 6 of Italie Folies 2. Scene 7 of Italie Folies 2 seems to be unidentifiable in the iafd scene breakdowns. Scenes 8 and 9 of Italie Folies 2 match scenes 5 and 6 of Inside Napoli 3. Scene 8 of Inside napoli 3 is omitted from Italie folies 2.

Males (credits presumably for all three parts, but appear at the start of Inside Napoli part 3 and Italie Folies part 2) -

  • Gaetano Esposito, non-sex, plays Gaetano a'bestia (beast)
  • Mario De Sica plays Totonno o'zozzuso (?)
  • Daniel Mendoza, non-sex, plays Nicola a'serpe (snake)
  • Philippe Soine, as Philippe Danton, plays O'marsigliese (from Marseille)
  • Piotr Stanislas, as Stanislas Pietrosky, plays O'biondo (blond)
  • Alain L'Yle, as Alain Putansan, plays Alain o'parigino (Parisian)
  • Piero Pieri plays Piero o'nfamone (?)
  • Roberto Malone, as Robert Malone, plays Roberto o'torinese (from Turin)
  • Titti Santapaola plays Titti o'genovese (Genoese)
  • Mario Torti plays Mario o'romano (Roman)
  • Startrek plays Tonino o'malato (ill)
  • Max Bellocchio, non-sex, plays Commissario Tano
  • Franco D'Alessi, as Franco Alessi, non-sex, plays App. Capuano
  • Sergio Artisani, non-sex, plays App. Esposito
  • Enzo Peroni, non-sex, plays Vivienzo a'mantide (mantis)
  • Mario Salieri, non-sex, plays Proc. Rep. Di Matteo
  • Daniele Bolla, as Daniele De Biase, plays 1st guardone (Peeping Tom)
  • Marco Toto, as Antonio Sorillo or Franco Ripa, plays 2nd guardone
  • Vincent Guerra, as Antonio Sorillo or Franco Ripa, plays 3rd guardone
  • Nicola Sorrentino, non-sex, plays 1st killer
  • Sergio Fabi plays 2nd killer
  • Alessio Novara plays 3rd killer
  • Sergio Ippolito plays 4th killer
  • Mario Ripano plays Carcerato (inmate)
  • Salvio De Micheli, non-sex, plays Guradia carceraria (prison guard)
  • Enrico Duca plays 1st guardia del corpo (bodyguard)
  • Antonio Federici plays 2nd guardia del corpo
  • Enrico Alari plays 3rd guardia del corpo
  • Maro Sarnelli plays O'tedesco (German)
  • Ennio D'Auria plays O'svedese (Swede)
  • Sasa' Bottelli, non-sex, plays Il fisarmonicista (the accordionist)

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