< Intime Kammerspiele

Released: 1992
Director: Walter Molitor
Notes: Magma, Moli exclusive 68 005
Alternate Titles
  • Fuvolaszölamok Hungary, Lux Video
  • Intimate Parlor Games
  • Intime komorne igre Slovenia
  • Intimement votre France
  • Juegos intimes de un aristocrata Spain
  • Moje lasky na prelomu stoleti Czech, City Realex
Notes and Reviews

The female credits: Katy Kay, Monica Dvoczka, Ursula Lundquist, Erszebeth Mink, Barbara Leonid, Birgit Schneider; seem, with the exception of Katy Kay, to be fictional. Some of these aliases also occur in Junge Knospen or Monster und die Schöne but there are no shared cast-members to whom any name can be unequivocally tied.

Male credits:

  • Miroslav Vitas
  • Piotr Ganlavsky
  • Rudolf Henties.

Victorian-era bonnets-and-bonking flick. Scenes are separated by shots of Frank Gun and Angelica each writing a letter (Angelica also appears in various states of undress) - for the record, both seem to be left-handed. Several male extras appear as members of the violin ensemble; among these are Zoltan Kabai and Yogi Bear.

  1. Gun walks in on Jacqueline and 7313. Bgg
  2. Thunde (with her hair a good deal redder than usual; anal), Suzi (b/g), Jolth Walton
  3. Angelica (b/g), unknown male
  4. A brief cameo with Letizia being groped at a musical soiree jump-cuts to her and Roberta, already naked, with another unknown male. Anal for Letizia, b/g for Roberta
  5. Two intercut episodes. Sitting on a garden bench, 7315 is joined by the slightly familiar-looking 7316. From a room in the house 7317 watches the proceedings through a telescope. The pair in the garden have a brief fondle then move indoors to continue their fun, cunnilingus included. A third unknown male creeps up behind 7317 and eventually receives a BJ (no cumshot seen), after which these three girls' involvement abruptly ends
  6. Angelica walks into a sitting-room, naked but for her bonnet. Waiting for her is the male from the preceding scene. As the pair start to get down to it they are joined by Barbara. Both girls are fucked and Barbara gives Angelica a wrist-deep fisting
  7. Another room. Violinist Kalman lets the very pretty 7318 play with his instrument (b/g).

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