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Released: 1975
Director: Jack Regis
Alternate Titles
  • Club der Lust
  • Erotic Club 13 Germany, Mike Hunter
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Charlie Schreiner plays Robert
  • Patrick Lyonnet plays Charlie
  • Alain Plaumay aka Cyril Val plays Mark
  • Jacques Insermini plays Etienne, the garage owner
  • Paul Bisciglia (non sex) plays the groom
  • Olivier Mathot (non sex) plays the rich industrialist, Carlos Spiegel
  • François Ghersi plays Dick
  • Frantz Nepel - may be the blond man who plays Helmut Mund
  • Manu Pluton

Two young couples live together in a house, and face a miserable holiday, because they are broke. The girls then have the bright idea to turn their house into a sex club to host orgies for paying customers.

Information partly from Skin Flick

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