< Il était une fois... la chatte mouillée

Released: 1974
Director: Lucien Hustaix
Notes: Les Films Hustaix, 90 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • La Chatte
  • La Chatte mouillée
  • French Romance USA, 59 mins. (VCA video)
  • Katzen von Madame Fontaine West Germany, VFL, 95 mins. If this is a correct or near correct title, then it is not the screen title of the VFL release which keeps the French original.
  • Made in France USA
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Robert Leray plays Pierre Fontange
  • Jacques Marbeuf plays Gustave
  • Marcel Richard plays Marcel, the delivery man
  • Jacques Couderc plays Germain
  • Guy Bonnafoux plays Grégoire, the baker
  • Jacques Carsi plays a customer in the bar
  • Raymond Pierson plays Jeanine's lover
  • Albert Lerner, as Albert Nerrel, plays Gustave's friend
  • Aimé-Théo (full name Louis Aimé-Théo according to imdb)
  • P. Spiteri
  • Brochu
  • J.P. Casy

Mme Fontange's cat has once again disturbed nightly marital activities, not to mention that she shat in the corridor. Pierre has had enough. The next day he catches the animal and locks it up in the cellar, without telling anyone. Madame is terribly upset about this sudden loss and begins a sex strike, which forces Pierre to find relief with their maid. Madame advertises a reward of a 1000 Francs for anyone finding her cat, but the response by the villagers is unsurprisingly nil. Then she raises the stakes, offering an 'unforgettable night', and soon the local menfolk hunt down all the cats in the vicinity and queue at the Fontange estate. Of course, the cat in question is not amongst them, but nevertheless Madame feels obliged, not to say 'inclined', to reward the men for their efforts, and as there are so many, she enlists the help of her staff. Meanwhile, the village's womanfolk get restless about the lack of action at home, but their main suspect, the local prostitute, denies any recent increase in trade. Anyway, they all have a little fun with each other. Eventually, Pierre relents and frees his prisoner, and they all live happily ever after.


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