< Intime Liebschaften

Released: 1980
Director: Hans Billian
Alternate Titles
  • Intimes Liebesgeflüster title erroneously used in a German reference book
  • Intimes Lustgeflüster alternative title, also used on Herzog DVD, 2008
  • Placeres intimos Spain
  • Seme d'amore Italy
Notes and Reviews

A female name in the credits - Ursula Schmid - could not be assigned to a face.

Males include -

  • Peter Bond plays Stefan Lutz
  • Klaus Reinhold (?) plays Harald Vollmer
  • Male protagonist of Im Liebesnest der Hippiemädchen plays Gustav Christensen "the Master"
  • Rainer Abendroth plays a client at the massage parlour
  • Günther Amann plays a client at the massage parlour
  • Karl Schwarzmayer plays a spectator at the strip club (non-sex)

A twisted look at the society of post-Wirtschaftswunder bourgeoisie.

Writer Rudi Gellert finds prostitute Sybill at a strip club and hires her as the special treat for his libertine parties. He invites publisher Stefan Lutz to a party and later employs Sybill's charms to ensure that his novel is published. Lutz agrees to publish the book and Sybill becomes his mistress. Banker Harald Vollmer, a participant of Gellert's parties, is having hard times with his quarrelsome wife Daniela. He makes a strange plan to blackmail her. He hires a stud and attempts to have her photographed with him at a massage parlour. However, the photographer informs Daniela beforehand and Vollmer is framed instead. She celebrates her victory with the photographer and the clientele. In relatively independent stories, masochist Sonja and curious Verena find themselves a master and raunchy Irene initiates a young man.

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