< Innocence impudique

Released: 1981
Director: Jean-Claude Roy as Patrick Aubin
Notes: extract from previous films such as Couple cherche esclave sexuel, Accouplements pour voyeurs and Maitresses pour couples, plus new footage
Alternate Titles
  • Innocences impudiques Fantasma Movies box cover title
  • Nackte Wahrheit
  • Perversionen West Germany, Mike Hunter
  • Rasende Orgie Meveer Video
Notes and Reviews

Males, almost entirely in archive footage, include -

  • Guy Berardant
  • Alban Ceray
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Hubert Géral
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Pjotr Stanislas
  • Jacques Gateau
  • Gabriel Pontello
  • André Kay

All performers except Jacques Gateau and Ingird Lovin appear only in archive footage.

A brunette wanders round a house and peeps into all the rooms, seeing the various sexual activities going on inside them (an excuse to use clips from many French films of the 70s). Finally she has sex herself when discovered.

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