< Incarico Speciale

Released: 2008
Director: Maurizio Della Rovere
Notes: Thema Film / Geo Media, 97 min.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Franco Trentalance
  • Bob Terminator, plays Bob
  • Thomas Stone, plays Thomas
  • Marco Nero, plays Marco
  • Leonardo Conti, plays Leo/Leonardo

Len801 writes: The movie title literally translates as Special Assignment. Trentalance is a some type of police investigator who is trying to put away two shady criminals (Nero, Conti) who are into illegal recycling of toxic material. Trentalance recruits Maserati to try to infiltrate the criminal gang and get the goods on them, which she does successfully.

  1. Lea, Terminator (anal, he jerks off on her gaping anus)
  2. Alessia, Trentalance; they are a married couple, but she is a bit frustrated at his crazy work hours, and succeeds in only providing a nice blowjob ending with a facial
  3. Jasmine, Stone; she is a mystic informant who provides some information about the gang to Trentalance (anal, he jerks off on her gaping anus)
  4. Monica, Nero, Conti (anal, DP, facials)
  5. Monica, Trentalance (facial)
  6. Kathia, Conti; she is a whore Trentalance has procured to sweeten a dirty deal (anal, she jerks him off in her open mouth)

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