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Released: 1977
Director: Gérard Vernier (as Gerard Thum in Italian release)
Notes: Coméci (Paris) / Cinémyr, 70 mins.
Alternate Titles
  • Corpi d'amore Italy
  • Erregung der Sinne West Germany, Venus
  • Revel Until Delirium USA, literal English trans.
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Richard Lemieuvre plays Jacques
  • Charlie Schreiner plays the American
  • Dominique Aveline plays the vegetable seller
  • Alban Ceray, uncredited, plays Georges
  • Louison Boutin, uncredited, plays Claude
  • Gérard Vernier plays the chauffeur

Brigitte Lahaie, appearing uncredited with with an ash-blonde perm, plays one of the whores.

Evelyne (Claude Janna) has a b/g session with Charlie Schreiner. Then two unidentified male clients have a bi-sexual threesome with Elisabeth Buré (appearing as a brunette). Richard Lemieuvre has a threesome with Brigitte Lahaie and Micky Love after watching them in g/g action.

The girls go off to a villa in the country and invite Charlie Schreiner and Richard Lemieuvre, and also Dominique Aveline (uncredited) who helps them load the car.

At dinner Elisabeth Buré gets under the table and goes down on both males and females. After dinner Chantal Virapin does a dance and strip and Elisabeth Buré and Brigitte Lahaie pounce on Dominique Aveline. An orgy ensues.

Scene breakdowns (thanks to Denaniel):

  1. Claude Janna, Chantal Virapin
  2. Claude Janna, Charlie Schreiner
  3. Elisabeth Buré, Louison Boutin, tranny
  4. Brigitte Lahaie, Micky Love
  5. Brigitte Lahaie, Micky Love, Richard Lemieuvre
  6. Claude Janna, Alban Ceray
  7. Elisabeth Buré, Brigitte Lahaie
  8. Elisabeth Buré, Charlie Schreiner
  9. Claude Janna, Chantal Virapin, Brigitte Lahaie, Elisabeth Buré, Charlie Schreiner, Dominique Aveline, Richard Lemieuvre

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