< Jeux d'adultes pour gamines expertes

Released: 1979
Director: Alain Payet as John Love
Notes: Comex Production (Paris)
Alternate Titles
  • Adolescente con novio impotente Spain
  • Amore impuro Italy, fake title and credits
  • Gamines perverses on-screen title
  • Jeux d'adultes pour gamines perverses re-release title
Notes and Reviews

Males -

  • Pjotr Stanislas
  • Guy Royer
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Carmelo Petix
  • Jacques Couderc, non-sex
  • unidentified male plays Marilyn's fiancé
  • unidentified male plays Marilyn's father
  • unidentified male plays Carmelo Petix's partner at the wedding feast

Fake credits: Marlene Lafleur, Lili Calcutta, Denise Parano, Xavier Fouduron, Howard Scotland.

The Italian video also has fake or stolen title and credits - Amore impuro, Barbara Moose, Nicole Framo, Jean-Louis Vattier, Greta Woodstock, directed by Gérard Vernier.

Marilyn Jess is a girl with a very strong sex drive but an impotent fiancé. As her wedding approaches she writes in and reads over her diary and examines her wedding outfit. This is a cue for numerous flashbacks, but the film begins with Marilyn, in a white T-shirt, black hot pants and black thigh boots, dancing for and with and then having sex with Pjotr Stanislas. Then we see her in her bedroom in the same outfit on the bed with several cuddly toys.

Flashback 1 - g/g with Céline Gallone. Marilyn is now wearing a tartan skirt and white top.

Flashback 2 - Marilyn in bed wearing a black see-through negligée. She hears noises from the next room where Guy Royer and his girlfriend (Maria Catala) are having sex. Marilyn masturbates frenziedly.

Flashback 3 - Marilyn Jess, Céline Gallone and Richard Lemieuvre walking along a riverbank. Then Marilyn and Richard in her bedroom. They have sex.

Flashback 4 - a family meal where Marilyn and her parents have dinner with her boyfriend. She takes him upstairs to her room and tries to have sex with him but he can't get it up. She ends up sitting on his face and looking bored.

Flashback 5 - a party of some sort. Céline Gallone and Lucie Doll are sitting on one sofa. Richard Lemieuvre and Liliane Lemieuvre are sitting on another sofa. Marilyn, in black leather trousers and black top, is dancing provocatively in front of Dominique Aveline. The party hots up and each couple begins to have sex. Then the combinations change to g/g/g (Marilyn, Céline and Lucie) and b/b/g (Richard, Dominique and Liliane).

Flashback (?) 6 - another 'meet the parents' for the fiancé. This time he has a talk and a cigar with the father while Marilyn and her mother look on.

Finally the wedding party - all those mentioned above are at the table except Liliane Lemieuvre, plus Linda Dull, Carmelo Petix in drag, an unidentified male (Petix's partner) and Jacques Couderc. Marilyn dishes out slices of cake then Petix gets the party going by insisting on kissing the bride and then dancing with his partner. Soon everyone except the parents, the groom and Couderc are dancing. Petix sucks off his friend and the dancers begin to strip off and a full on orgy develops. The parents and Couderc leave the room in embarrassment, but the groom continues to sit at the table until Petix goes over and give him a blow job.

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