< Jeunes filles à vendre

Released: 1983
Director: Gérard Grégory
Alternate Titles
  • L'Infermiera e l'analista Italy
Notes and Reviews

There are no cast credits on my copy.

Males -

  • Jean-Pierre Armand plays the husband (?) of Dominique Saint Claire
  • John Oury plays a doctor
  • Eric Dray plays a doctor
  • André Kay plays the policeman guarding Brigitte Verbecq
  • unidentifed male doctor/nurse
  • older man in girls for sale racket (non-sex)
  • younger man in girls for sale racket (non-sex)
  • several male clients of or men involved in the girls for sale racket - one of these is Michel de Nyokinos

It is very difficult to follow the plot, but a guess is that a hospital (the 'Clinique des Ormeaux') is supplying young female patients to be kidnapped into prostitution, sampling the goods before they go. The next in line is Lise Pinson but Jean-Pierre becomes smitten with her and betrays Dominique (having previously played away with Nicole Segaud, who consoles Dominique in a g/g scene). Eric Dray gives an enema to a female patient (Lucie Doll) then fucks her from behind. Before the title we see Jean-Pierre dressed as a butler bringing drinks bottles to John Oury who is having sex with a girl (Dany) on the beach. We see Jean-Pierre approached by the young man in the racket and allowed to try out a girl in the woods (Kris Lara). We also see him visit the apartment of the older man and watch a black girl (XNK0474) in a demo video. Later in the same apartment four men sample the wares of two girls (XNK0476 and XNK0477).

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